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And I'm the coach and let's see it's two thousand twelve at school. I'm Um just kept it. Local as opposed to eastern Michigan. Somebody correct correct as what? Are you trying to meddle? I found out. Who Middle Tennessee State University was because of NCAA like oh seven or something like that. Like that's how I discovered some. Yeah that's how I discovered some of these smaller schools and it was before man. I'm trying to remember if it was before you had a football team or not like I remember. Just one day looking at somebody. I'm like Oh my God like I used to play with. That team is a joke so long ago. I wonder how many people have played with my school as a joke because they just do the random like sift through once you reach. I don't know if you guys have done this with people that your friends that you played with or whatever but once you reach a certain level and you guys like on equal playing fields more or less. You don't pick like the great schools like you don't pick on highest state or something like that because you see it and you're like that's annoying so you do the thing where you you just hold it down and it scrolling really fast and like you know three which stop and then you have to is. Yeah I wonder how many pigs my school the same way discover like Oh my God then of course when you pick one of those schools you immediately just start going through like after the first series like. Oh my God like this. School is all like it's time to start scouring the depth chart and see what kind of like punt returner has a speed of ninety five and like a strength of sixty that I could just plug in as a quarterback straight up. It's time to run the ball like John. You option tied. Oh God that's why like Ncaa better than that. And because of the option like good at running the option album terrible at it I was always the best option. Really you just have to. You know exactly the right time.

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