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Idea of the supermodel became really popular, you know, and this was a time in fashion where models Cindy Crawford Naomi Campbell. They're celebrities. They become almost bigger than the clothes. They're wearing you know, what was going through your mind. What was going through your head? When this was happening. Well, you know, what can I just say something in retrospect, those girls are more important than the clothes? They're wearing. But in the moment, what was great about supermodels is that they were able to capture attention without being greater than the close. Right. They were personalities but not more than the clothes. They were wearing. But in retrospect, we look at Linda and those images of her you kind of like you really focused on her or Christie or Naomi or something, right? Yeah. Seriously is a very important distinction. I think because a lot of young people. People are deluded, and they think, oh, I wanna be Christy Turlington, but you can't because because Christie really if you know her she's a hard worker, you know, and the main event in her life was not becoming Christy Turlington. It was actually modeling software. So so you say like modern Instagram models. They're focusing too much on the celebrity aspect of modeling. I think I think that they're focusing a lot on the stardom part of it, you know, as opposed to like, the beauty of loving something so much that you do it. You know? And you know, what I have to tell you something. Yeah. It's like, you know, for me, that's an issue in my life. You know, like. Fashion design. I'm just gonna come out and say this has been like sort of a great thing in my life. And it has brought me to the party. But basically it was like my escape. It was my plan. B right. Yeah. Like, my first love is show business at some point. I would like to be remembered for being this entertainer on stage. You know, I don't think I don't think you have to worry about that too much. I think you will be well, thank you. I worried worried worried like the difference between fashion and actually being onstage fashion. Right. You make a fashion show, you show, all of these ideas. And then in the end, it has a very weird negative effect on people like, oh, I'm too fat. Oh, my legs a too short. Oh, not the right color air or something. Right. I'm too old. I'm too young. Whereas like if I stand on stage and just like sing a song and tell a story I have done my job. And it is a beautiful thing. It's been such a pleasure speaking with you. Thank you so much for your time. What a pleasure. Thank you so much, Tom. Isaac.

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