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Aw they don't know how we're gonna fit everything in today's show when there is four pounds a show in a three hour pound bag today that's right okay it's a metaphor sat real but we have so many gas and so many things to share with everybody that there's no possible way that three hours to a regular radio one on ham radio upstairs there's no way that could daily saying that not hemorrhaging i just got my license plate changed ham radio operator while you're a ham and you're on the radio and it's village in the trans pacific could get good yeah there's there's so much on today's show it all starts in just a minute or two when we discuss the life of david raw scrapper rossi of the chicago cubs to world champion chicago cubs i mentioned that every chance i get he's going to be joining us very very soon well why don't we take a quick break and get ready for that so we have time to chat with him does that time like land do that in a tired so i think a break right now is necessary a quick napoli and can do it you can too it's still f wendy cider seven twenty wgn with chicago cubs former chicago cubs allstar world champion david ross on route in thirteen years facebook has become much more than cat videos and catching up with your family to serious stuff is happening especially facebook live rapes murders suicides could categoric commissioner richard vojkan brought facebook programmers to chicago high school for to get an idea how to real some of the crazy stuff in he talked with us after seven o'clock on download seven twenty wgn on thursday may twenty v ten honorees joined the wgn walk of fame see their bronze plaques join our induction ceremony broadcast at the tribune tower outside pioneer court beginning at ten a m learn more wgnradiocom search few words walk of fame okay keep your eyes closed i wanna show you my first ever painting all right okay open your eyes so that's all colors it ends shade sylviane us what do you think.

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