Mike Kim, Schumer, Pelosi discussed on The Glenn Beck Show


The exclusive provider of all the prescriptions for the members of congress mike kim is the owner of grubbs pharmacy he appreciates the uniqueness of what he gets to do he gets to fill the pill bottles of all of the revered lawmakers and he's used to knowing all the nittygritty details about the medicinal needs of these schumer's and pelosi's in the mcconnell's of congress no big deal he told a reporter this week at first it's cool now think why would this guy say this why would he say this to a reporter knowing that there will be consequences to his business at first first it's cool and then you realize i'm filling drugs that have some pretty serious health problems attached to them and these are the people running the country and quote what kind of problems are we talking about according to kim just your run of the mill serious health problem lim's like quote diabetes and alzheimer's well all alls alzheimer's quote it makes you kind of sit back and say while they're making the highest laws in the land and they might not even remember what happened yesterday and quote kim took some flak for his russian that he fills alzheimer's medicine prescriptions for some members of congress later he did do some backtracking say that the illness the would that he listed was meant his a hypothetical i am not aware of any member that actually has alzheimer's and it would certainly not disclose any information if i did know except he just basically did that as their employer we have a right to know about the people who are running our country why would mr kim say these things why it's sad that some may have actual health problems but we have a right to know if any member of congress or the senate doesn't exactly remember what might have happened yesterday mm you are listening to the glen how man so i had a friend right to me uh just this morning and he said i was listening your show yesterday and he said who see if i have this i'm paraphrasing here you talk about a killing a soul i know that so go to line a lotta tech people take with a but the.

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