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At the tone. Please record your voice message. What? Bill. Thank you. So finals days. Seven days. Left about. Trump full of poison defend my blood alcohol because I can't straighten no my legs or walk committed and Bill. Thanks spill. Thank you so much merry Christmas to me. Hey, bill. Your producer? Done some pretty crappy things me. Swear words on the t shirts. That's where on air random changes and the overflowing of a play. But I swear to God. If you rush one more time, we're going to have a real problem. He can blame yourself. Bill for making me go to this point. Bill is your friend of the Nietzsche's? Do we have? Blame you. I am blend Bill because if you watch the show past Sunday as I was getting my song, we were doing our thing with the ban. And I get from my high note. And I'm thinking, my heart out China tear, the house down we're trying to do. Did. The house down boy came crashing down that to me and my head like a stack of pizzas dramatic way. Curly monetary gonna get some religion. It might be on there. It might not be. Soundboard on my head Bill. I'm blaming you here for a couple of out hit me. Let me be real that might not be over the top for this. Couple a picture fought. By now, I know blame this. All right. Those what I three finalists for the hashtag blame. Bill contest for the month of January. I will have that up on the Facebook page either tonight or tomorrow, depending on how I feel you guys get your votes in by the way, if Randall Bill disparages rash if he wins. He's going to have to choose the winner because he's our producer and he's not allowed. He's not allowed to win the glorious pile of swag. Swag for months. If I don't tell him. He just doesn't know between us we got to keep them informed. That's right. Our producer Randall so vote for Randall or not. On facebook. Right. So the presidential election should be run. Right voter not. Well, that is how it's one. That's the problem vote or not. Yeah. Got I'm gonna play this for you guys. I..

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