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Welcome back to the rich eisen show is it really been fourteen years since the incredible 's zipping that long ago i think is a little bit less than the incredible inferiors near you on friday june fifteenth and the man who played mr incredible in the original is back for the sequel and the man who played coach hayden fox for all those years in his emmy award and golden globe winning years in that role good to see you craig t nelson pleasure having you on here you too good to see it not having i mean well i am having because i'm here well welcome to the craig t nelson show is a matter of fact you you requested to have people call in you wanna take some calls and lush i wanna see what they're thinking did you ever want to do sports raiders yeah right think i could do sports radio but i don't know you guys do it yourself relaxed and everything i'm a little bit more challenged town mentally challenged brockman i'm walked in what you to call them out craig i liked that looking up the incredible 's thousand four and then i got going down the craig t nelson imdb wormhole here i am db that what they call for your that's your internet movie database for your for your your filmography and your tv graffiti on the back in one thousand nine hundred ninety two four time golden globe nominee they're going press resume okay okay thank you.

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