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Hundred twenty two people chinese crews have recovered nine bodies the still searching for a hundred nine others after a massive landslide and now county todd at abc news stay connected stay informed this is komo news this is twenty four seven news on koa news unfolds acts that summer sizzle is here with it comes the associated dangers of water sports komos mitch pittman spirit saturday on the water with the king county sheriff's marine rescue unit if ever there were a day to be on or via rate body of water this was it is a lot of people in cozy today which is all the more reason that the king county sheriff's marine unit was out there is well it can be easy to be lord out into the side after the winter we had easy to miss a step forget a life jacket or go a little too that they're not here to ruin your day in fact it's just the opposite their goal is to engage in informed yet been callaghan's his water below seventy degrees can cause shock they're gonna have about a minute to get their breathing under control the surface temperature click watch and right now is just sixty six and that some of the warmest in the region their puget sound block dan fifty four degrees fahrenheit yesterday and the rivers are running even colder than that down into the low 40s we're telling people right now just stay out of the rivers which pitman reporting a good alternative big crowds at wild waves this weekend low water park in federal way is celebrating its fortieth birthday when it opened the nineteen in seventy seven it only had six rides now it is much larger fifty raj four rollercoasters in a five hundred thousand.

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