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Yeah we'll be a theater okay so this capture now of on top of regulatory capture Capture just explain if you will some of the results of that and why they're crippling us. Well one of the results. I wrote a paper that backstopped all of this just not making this all up off the top my head. We looked at all the supreme court decisions that were decided. Five to four with all of the republicans on one side the winning side of the five to four and it turned out under chief justice roberts over seventy two of them which is a lot of supreme court decisions and when we looked at the seventy two of them we noticed that the five to four partisan decisions have one other feature which was there was a pretty obvious republican donor interest. That anybody with the least political sense could figure out was in fact a republican donor interest. And then the really telling fact was that of the seventy two five to four partisan republican decisions with a republican donor interest. In the case they won them seventy two zero it throw a few bones to the other side try to cover their tracks seventy two zero and then they ran up the scored at eighty after my article. Joe it's eighty two nothing route for big republican donor interest and we kinda slept through of the eighty five. Four decisions are republican sessions. Yuck eighty two eighty zapped quite a score quite a score. Yeah and some of them are big ones that everybody knows you know like shelby county. Oh boy undid the recurrence provision citizens united that let unlimited corporate money into politics There are some famous stinkers like that. But when you're up to eighty you're gotta go well past the famous stinkers and you gotta start looking at patterns. And what they're out to do and how they're doing it. And what their targets are. Why the same side always needs to win Just the pattern itself of eighty five to four partisan decisions. Eighty two zero.

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