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There is a little bit of western attention being given into the fertility areas of royal jelly vet again beyond that it has so many amazing effects for the brain and body it's so cool and royal jellies one of the ingredients i believe in my other favorite product from you guys that i also always travel with which is i think it's called sir from saying it right which is kind of a mixture of things but i found a really good nutro bec which means it helps with focus and concentration and brain health and i always take that when i travel especially if i'm crossing time zones because it helps me like recent my circadian rhythm when i use it in the morning but talk about what that is what are the other ingredients yeah so that i can't handle jetlag and be like sir is a major major necessity for me when i'm happily as well so i mentioned my best friend having concussion and ballitser brain fueled that with actually a product that was born out of that experience so it was a product that was never meant to the product it was really meant to just help somebody out in need and it ended up having they ended up having such an amazing response to it that i started to really dig into what happens if a normal brain that isn't in injured takes this and yes i mean it came from a really genuine place because i mean it helps my best friend recover from very serious concussion but anyways so be licks rainsville what it is as you said it not new topic in its little brain shots that we make and what in our brain fuel israel jelly which spoke about amazing for focused memory 'concentration and then we have two other plant based ingredients that are very well researched for helping the brain so the next ingredient in there it's called the copa monetary of it's a extract from a leaf that was traditionally used now your bed of medicine and need oxygen so it helps to modulate your stress response help you calm down in prevent grain burn out which is something that we do a lot of on we're in high fest that.

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