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History can be beautiful. It can be boring and often pretty ridiculous. Let's join Ben bolan and Noel Brown as they dive into some of the weirdest stories from across the span of humanity. This is the ridiculous history podcast. Oh. Oh. We're here, we're live. While we're recording this live. Welcome to the show, ridiculous stories. My name is Ben we are, of course, joined with our super producer Casey peg REM. My trusty coups knoll is off on some lovely ventures on the other side of the country but will return very soon. Speaking of returning, we are incredibly fortunate today to have our returning guest host joining us Christopher haciendas. Thanks for coming Manning's for having me been trying, Casey know wherever you are whenever you are you are thank you. Yes. Oh man. I can't wait until I hope we can reveal some, the, the cool stuff that Knowle's working on what I really wish we're happening right now is that we would talk about no not being here. And then anyone listening to this podcast would just slowly turn around. And he's standing right behind them. Oh, that's great. It's my dream, it was also it was Halloween recently. So maybe I'm still in that mindset, I'm definitely stolen mindset and it's the most wonderful time of the year. I love Halloween, what he would you do for Halloween, dressed up as woodland creature, I was kind of Woolsey took a family around the neighborhood and did not accept any candy because we've got a little baby who's not old enough for candy yet. And I would feel like a real bummed taking candy from note taking candy four baby. Couldn't eat it under the pretenses that it's really for me. Grown, man. I can afford my own canned goes speaks highly speaks here character in a in a very complementary way. You your candy ethics or points. I think that's something to be proud of you. I would have done the opposite. I would have just take baby around. Yeah. I did think like maybe you would be fun to push a stroll around the neighborhood, but with no baby in there and just be the person with an empty stroller. Oh, that's weird. That's weird. Christopher but it's not Halloween anymore. Right. We should divest. These spooky thoughts. Soul, I'm always so reluctant to give up the ghost ala wing but good writes things move on progress. That's the name of the game for the human species. Hopefully in theory today's episode is something that I thought would be fascinating for anybody. Who's a fan of words and one who's a fan of writing? Today's episode is about the strange origin of the Oxford English dictionary..

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