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Have to but you can save up to the plate and do that for somebody else you've been basically benefiting from the people who have gone out of the way to give they've allowed you the luxury of not giving dude for somebody else here's how you all you have to do is call us up at one eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine two or go online at wnyc dot org good morning i'm richard hake i'm here with wnyc's program director jacqueline cincotta good morning and we are here raising the money keeps wnyc strong and independent and coming to you we are listener supported radio and it's been if you've been listening to the pledge drive in the last couple of days please note that tomorrow it ends so we're encouraging you to join us at whatever level you'd like right now while you're listening while you're thinking about it take care of this pledge don't wait till the end take care of it right now by becoming a member for maybe just five ten fifteen dollars a month the telephone number's one eight eight three seven six nine six nine to where you can go to wnyc dot org and you probably don't listen to wnyc to have your opinions confirmed you turn to us for thought provoking conversations that feature voices from all sides of an issue and we certainly don't shy away from complicated issues strong opinions or even you know heated debates we believe you're open to hearing something that might challenge your beliefs we know that in these complex times you're looking for insights and clarity about what is going on that's what we try to provide day in and day out certainly the bbc news is part of that if you are listening to wnyc specifically for the bbc we'd love to hear from you right now at eight eight three seven six nine six nine two or make that pledge online at wnyc dot org you trust wnyc to keep you informed throughout your day and now wnyc can keep you informed and alert because when you contribute to wnyc right now you'll get a one pound can of fair trade certified organic coffee specially roasted for listeners by brooklyn roasting company because what's the point of being informed if you're not even awake yet so call or go to wnyc dot org right now make a contribution and.

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