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Get weather from KFI mostly sunny today has will be in the low sixties to write at seventy from the southern California Toyota dealers traffic center we make it easy we're clear that crash on the ninety one it was the incorrect on the ninety one west just before auto center everybody's moved over the right shoulder through still gonna see some activity here which does lead to spectator slowing your drive on the ninety one westbound looking pretty thick from Lincoln and then for the stay happy to Green River KFI in the sky is sponsored by injury attorney superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff all little trouble on the one on one these strange little fires and strange little places this will affect the at north point one the west and the problem is don't that one one before the fourth of a little bit before grand far above was there a little bit of a vegetation fire of the shoulder but it was enough to get the fire department out there so the collector landed between the ramps at all it's blocked but that one on one is really slow now come up the stillare change and in the west and merging with the north one on one that fall from the five now a lot earlier we have some big problems on the south five between Los fieles a Glendale Boulevard we left it a few moments ago the only thing was blocked was the collector lane leading to the Glendale Boulevard off but that fell five much Florida should be for this time the morning coming out from Burbank Boulevard at this time of the morning now and with all lanes open I think it's there but that style five injured in an accident because it's a form of circular dot com Jeff Bock K. F. find this guy find this guy helps get you there faster I'm robin banks deals you look amazing what's the secret are you sick number three sixty smart he chooses the comfort on his side to side we feel great can help keep you sleep center their movements and a chance to keep us both comfortable all night I don't think it is only for a limited time see fifty percent of the sleep number three sixty limited edition.

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