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Dealing with some hazy, conditions have orange glow that's for sure across the sky because of, the haze that's creating quite the sunrise. Going on now but we are forecasting those temperatures in the low eighties come later on this afternoon Easy one tomorrow to, we start to shift that. One direction back. To some clear skies to keep our fingers crossed for that for the middle and end of the, week has highs remain well. Into the eighty s little foggy in some places this morning Shelton one of those spots in it's a little cool there forty eight degrees it's fifty nine at seatac airport with a few clouds new round of evacuation warnings has been issued around the cougar creek fire near Mt ad telling people to be ready to leave with little or no notice. The advisories effect people living on Oklahoma Gulch road Navarre Cooley road Johnson creek road and first creek road the cougar creek fires burned. Eighteen thousand acres it's only five percent contained of vintage airplanes from muckilteo crashed at a weekend airshow in. British Columbia komo's Mark Christopher has more it looks like, two small aircraft to crash, at? The Abbotsford, international airshow as it was winding down Saturday afternoon belongs to the historic. Flight foundation in Monaco does one, of many aircraft they have at that event this weekend as well as the blue angels are there, and some other aircraft from the Boeing Schieffer air show. The plane that went down Down is known as one thousand nine hundred eighty s vintage to Hamlin dragon repeat a biplane it was not here during seafarer it is operated by the flight museum and taking part in the event offering flights for its members apparently failed to lift properly from the runway when there. Was a pilot and four. Passengers on board. The plane crashed about five thirty PM and all five, people on board are. Expected to survive the Seattle city council is expected to confirm. Its new top cop today the council could vote to confirm Carmen. Best to Seattle's new police chief last week a committee questioned her on a wide range of topics including fair, policing and bias training afterwards. They voted in. Favor of her confirmation Carmen best has spent the past twenty six years with the department an ordinance, to save the iconic show. Box theatre in downtown Seattle is up for a possible city council vote today the proposal would extend the current boundary of the pike place market historic district and if approved any changes to the building would have to go through a special process this comes after developers recently announced a plan to replace the show box building with high rise luxury condos Does at apartments members of Pearl Jam made. Impassioned. Pleas both Wednesday. And Friday nights at their concerts. With veteran wearing a shirt on Friday night that said save the show box and Ohio Mattis missing, on mount Saint Helens and searchers are asking if any hikers may have seen them friends say Matthew. Matheny borrowed a car and plan to take a hike Thursday but never returned deputies found the. Vehicle at the blue lake trail had Saturday Kellett's county sheriff's office would. Like to hear from anyone who knows where he is that mother orca who had. Spent the past seventeen days carrying her dead cash and, mourning over, the loss appears to have. Finally let it go she was spotted. Saturday vigorously chasing a school of salmon with her pod mates in, Harrow straight she had carried that calf for more than a. Thousand miles and scientists say her so-called tour of grief. Is over now and her behavior is back to normal so a matter of. Fact they say she's remarkably frisky and appears to be in good condition some new details. On a sick orca that's part of j. pod Noah says a team of researchers spent several hours savage Today watching Jay fifties behavior and how she interacted with the, other whales in, the pod the researchers say at one point Jay fifty, fell behind the rest. Of the pod by a half mile and strong currents biologists are also worried they haven't seen her eat even when swimming in areas with lots of fish, two big earthquakes hit Alaska yesterday morning the US Geological Survey says around seven AM a magnitude six point five struck sore northeast. Of Fairbanks at about, fifteen minutes later there was a five point one that hit another area. In northern Alaska we have no reports of any major damage KOMO news time, seven ten that's time to get to the KOMO sports desk Bill sorts in for. Tom today starting for the, first time since April Erasmo Ramirez tossed five scoreless innings Ryan Healy, smacked a game-tying home run in the, ninth in the tenth Dee. Gordon on first and new leadoff man Mitch Haniger delivered Dave.

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