Presidential Election, Donald Trump, Steve Marsh discussed on New Hampshire Today


Uh uh ap call the rates so did all the major networks um eh but the but more has refused to concede put the secretary of state down there says what could almost all but certain that uh doug jones it it it has won this race so uh a large african american turnout was one of the keys uh or for jones's victory in a state where you you said it correctly donald trump won this state by twenty eight percentage points last november a november twenty sixteen the presidential election this was overwhelmingly republican state but but you're right you had an extremely flawed candidate into a envoy uh and not all the allegations of sexual misconduct when he was at a thirty on these rural follow them uh were their teams wanna come with fourteen not just out there were some serious problems uh you know is serious controversy was growing more going back decades so uh this was a tough one for the republicans than uh donald trump as you said he gaveled and uh uh gamble that looks like he lost on this one uh tax bill looks like tax little still happen here's why would jones will not uh get into office until early january so the republicans are gonna do everything they can now everything that you have to get this tax bill done in the next week or two because because once jones get in there and set it becomes fifty nine fifty one republican 49 democrat gets even narrower than it already is jeff what about here in new hampshire paul the democrats is this unique to alabama this ratio it's always the question these special actions is unique to the local waters is your this state you know right now the picture is uh democrats will look into that first district with a congressional district the water candidates uh their uh the second district can custer the incumbent is known for her fundraising and may be more republicans getting in but the governor's race uh the it sort of bend the feeling that they're they're more democrats aren't going to jumping along with steve marsh and has already and because maybe the governor chris sinonew has navigated well in its first term short term to treat who your terms new hampshire so the more jump in thinking it could be a way fear coming out of this are not.

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