Monet Matisse, Libya, President Trump discussed on Mike Gallagher


He really is her veteran monet matisse moving well why not bad idea libya through the way well now vacuous great right here in the relief factor god come studio mike gallagher the president of course cherub twitter over the weekend we've got some convinced that the part butter popcorn music is the best mizzou we could be using light if you ever suggestion four of some kind of music bread for the president's tweets as i e we read them all the time it's the way he communicates directly to the american people he bypasses the mainstream media we love the fact that he tweets we love the way a he just just thumbs his nose at reporters who added and your perfect example lindsey graham gave a 10minute interview the chuck todd of nbc's meet the press making a powerful argument for having an investigation a special council into the russian collusion robert muller investigation and it was substantive and and and and senator graham was was on fire what did you see or hear from the mainstream media about that in our view one thing one thing only and it was at the very tail end of a ten minute back and forth between chuck todd and lindsey graham learning you heard was lindsey graham said he wouldn't served in a trump cabinet if fast and it was at the very end chuck todd says after ten minutes as vital question uh senator grandma if you're invited to be on in the trump cabinet would usurp no and that was ed dollars also said was literally no and that became the only thing people heard of senator grams desire to have a special investigation and a special counsel to investigate basically the special council and that's because of the media bias and the way they vet what they wanna do what they want you to here and that's what makes the twitter's the tweets and the and the president's twitter feed show powerful so for now somebody had suggested this music for a for his tweet only from sounds you know we deal i don't know but here's a little while rundown of the president's tweets leaving camp david for the white house great meetings with the cabinet in military many very important subjects including border security and the desperately needed wall the ever increasing the drug an opioid problem infrastructure military budget trade and.

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