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To five the president tweeting about civil war there will be a civil war if he is removed I I gotTa tell you now in fairness to the president he's just re tweeting something that Robert Jeffreys the idiot pastor from Texas said on Fox News I don't I think it's helpful to the president to be tweeting that there's going to be a civil war or or fake news and the president seems to be circulated a bunch of conspiracy theories as well all we need to get to here there are two problems right now shaping up with impeachment on the Republican side they're also problem shaping up on the Democrat excited we need to get to on the Republican side though on on on the side of of righteousness if you're Republican the president is unhelpfully stirring the pot trying to rile up his base in a way that is going to build a BI partisan co Alicia against him as I have mentioned Ad Nauseam now there are eighteen republicans leaving the House of Representatives at the end of e- twenty not twenty twenty one they'll be out January third twenty twenty one they're not running for reelection there are eighteen of them right now they do not like the isn't it to some degree they feel like they are being driven from Washington because of the president and they understand that if the Democrats build momentum on this they're going to need by partisanship to give it credibility and in bringing bipartisanship to it the Republicans they're already nursing a grudge against the president lift pass articles of impeachment in the House representatives that then moves it to the United States Senate and when moving to the United States Senate the president already has four Republicans who are leaving the one of them the the senator from Wyoming is into WHO's leaving he he's okay with the president but we've got a Kansas that's opening and and Pat Roberts doesn't like the President Johnny Isakson and Georgia doesn't like the President Lamar Alexander into this he doesn't like the President the they may publicly be okay with the president but privately they they're not big fans of the president and they could give bipartisan stature in the Senate to build momentum you also now have Susan Collins in the Senate being very public that the president's attacks on the whistle blower are inappropriate the so you've got a problem there you got a problem with Mitt Romney who is a republican state that doesn't like the President a Democrats and third party candidates did far better in Utah with Donald Trump on the ballot in two thousand sixteen than they've ever done Utah being the most republican state in the country and yet they don't like President Trump you've got pat toomey in Pennsylvania you you've been SAS in Nebraska SAS in an awkward situation that he's on the ballot but SAS views the constitution very strongly you've got a number all of these senators around the country who else Richard Burr in North Carolina has expressed concerns missing one or two in any event you've got enough republic look in the United States Senate even if you can't get to two thirds you pull it close in you severely weakened the president for reelection but the president saying there's going to be a civil war if he is removed who've really just causes the collegiality among members of the Senate to go up because they want show it's not true and that's a problem for the president it is also a problem for the president and his team that they do not have a prevailing narrative right now to try to defeat this they're throwing conspiracy theories the latest conspiracy theory being circulated by he actually very good friends of mine on the on the right is that the inspector general changed the re according requirements for whistle blowers so that you used to and you probably heard in fact the president is tweeting this out this morning as a matter of fact I in the last minute or so the in his tweeted this out that up until August of this year whistleblowers could only file a whistleblower complaint particularly the intelligence community with first hand information they weren't allowed to file a whistleblower complaint with second hand information in the form was changed in August of two thousand nineteen this is true the form was changed in twenty nineteen it is not true however that prior to twenty nineteen only I end accounts could be filed that's not true at all in fact prior to twenty nineteen what happened was the form allow old second hand complaints but they you had you didn't have to specify who the secondhand complaints came from let me Redo the breakdown here it is actually rather imported just texted this to someone and now I close the screen let me pull up this complaint again yeah since at least two thousand seventeen four twenty four t four and four oh one which has the whistleblower complaint record wired that there'd be a distinguishing between direct and personal knowledge or Heard about it from others the change came we're on the old forum there were three options you heard about it from secondhand sources outside of your area or from other employee's within your area now there are only two boxes one is firsthand information the other is second hand information in the second formation is than specified between other employees or people outside the agency Let me just read this to you so it so I'm not screwing this up colonel effect towards this spiracy theories that there is a new form 401 dated August twenty nine hundred a question on the form explicitly anticipates tips based on second-hand information and asks the whistleblower to check a box I have direct personal knowledge or I heard about it from others what is it mentioned is that there's a near identical form grace scene four zero one that's assisted since at least may of two thousand eighteen making it impossible that it adds an easement for trump's whistle or the major difference in the fields is that the old form included reactions instead of two subdividing secondhand sources into outside sources and other employees so in other words the new box has I have acknowledge or I heard it from others the old box had I have direct knowledge or I heard it from others the others being people outside agency or other employees within my agency the old boxers a little more precise the new box not but both allowed secondhand knowledge so the president tweeting this morning that the old Ford did not allow secondhand knowledge is not true one of the other issues is that conservatives are essentially building in conspiracy theory in this says this is the issue that should concern the president's team in fact there's a report out the president upset with Mick Mulvaney for not having some sort of overarching narrative to deal with the situation. Here's here's the problem here right now. The prevailing narrative is conspiracy and most Americans don't buy conspiracy and it doesn't help when you're pushing conspiracies that easily debunked like for example this arm or the the Ukrainian situation saint brought about Joe Biden. What about Joe Biden? We'll we'll get to Joe Biden because that's where the Democrats have concerns I I want to do with my own side I and I think that what the president and his team needs is an actual overarching narrative a lot of the media is not going to buy this because the the media really is in the tank for the Democrats the media really is out to get the president and you do need to understand the media is out to get the president and by the way I think you can point out to the American people this is oh because the American people distrust the media the media has worse trust numbers than Congress as right now so I do think the president has an avenue to tell people the media really is biased against him and not giving him fair statements but let me outline for you if they were the president's messaging team let me give you the approach that I would take on this I I would make it very clear that there is more than one whistle lower it is pretty obvious from the whistleblower complaint that he's relying on a lot of people I suspect they're probably the same people and their fee in him this information more likely than not to helping build his whistleblower report second we've seen a sustained campaign from people in the elegance community trying to undermine the president they leaked transcripts of the call with the Australian prime minister they leaked transcripts of calls with the Mexican president so the president and his team to minimize these leaks moved where the transcripts were saved and now what do they do they turn that into a whistle blower late and they run out progressive allies to say this is improper in fact the Washington Post is running a story right now from a former person who worked for the national security team whose job was to compile these transcripts and she says it is inappropriate to put these transcripts in a secure server that that's not the purpose of the server do you know where this person works now this person works for the center American progress and is a senior vice president at the Center for American progress and if you don't know what cap is the Center for American progress is a far I think tank so you had a careerist in the intelligence community who goes to work for a far left think tank as vice president and now returns to the Washington Post to say hey you can't put these transcripts here that's wrong this is just another data point that the intelligence community is full of careerists who are partisan leftists who hate the president and so for the president and his team they wanted to minimize damaging leaks to national security that undermined the president's ability to conduct foreign policy so they secure the transcripts and now the whistle blowers saying hey you can't secure the transcripts well we're security because you guys kept leaking them next it's very clear the saboteurs are coordinating and the whistleblower complaint is not one person's work but multiple people you can get that from the the constant multiple officials told me multiple officials told me one official told me multiple officials told me and they're giving the whistle or detail information and by the way the whistle blower plate seems to breed professionally structured as a lawyer was was if as if a lawyer was employed we can tell it was the work of multiple people because it leaked the Democrats had advanced knowledge of it how did the Democrats find out about the whistle blower complaint the Director of National Intelligence the other okay said it wasn't from him so what I'm trying to ascertain is how would it run all the mainstream media outlets how did they get even though they got a lot of it wrong but they had the basics of it that it involved the president of the United States talking to a foreign leader so did anybody you nobody in your office leak this to the Washington Post or NBC news ranking member the geologist humidity we know how to keep a secret as far as how that got into the press I really did not know Sir I just know that it's all over the place and as you said it's been reported by different Media the past several weeks where they get their information from I don't know where they gather information I don't know how about from Democrats I mean the leak had happened or how does the whistleblower complaint get out of the I G structure how does Congress know that there's an urgency label the whistle blower identity did not Is it a curious we don't know who the whistle blower is yet I I wonder if that would undermine the whistle blowers credibility and into all of this they can say if there's really concerned here litigated this at the ballot box president is having to take extraordinary steps to secure information that that democratic leaker want to leak to embarrass the president sabotage our national security this needs to be we dealt with at the ballot box trust the American people and then when the media tries to dismiss all the CEO how.

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