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Fifty right but i thought that was pretty neat man she took all that money and donated it to the public school system in sweden in this crazy but yeah so so barnum was not legitimized thanks to that i think it actually didn't go all that well but he did enrich himself thoroughly through jenny lind for sure that's right but he would go broke again because he's pt barnum and that's what he does an eighteen fifties he bought up a lot of land near bridgeport connecticut because he wanted to make east bridgeport to happen in place he invested in in the jerome clock company wanted to relocate it east bridgeport it was not a smart thing to do company went bankrupt and all of a sudden he was broke again and this is fire number one he moves out of his mansion because he's broke and then when after he had moved out the mansion burned down right but if he had to move out you would think that he had relinquished ownership so why does it matter as far as his life goes oh let's see a bunch of money stuffed into the installation or something breaking bad thing going on it might have just been a footnote or something or he may maybe he did know i guess if he had moved out then yeah i just thought that was a little weird yeah so he he was in debt like big time like broke bankrupt in debt because of the terrible clock company thing which you should always take a a reason to never all of your eggs in one basket which i guess is what he did but he managed to emerge from debt after i think five years and he ended up during this time he pawned his museum but he also put the name of the museum in his wife's name who is not bankrupt and so they were able to make some income off of the lease of for the museum and then when he managed to buy the museum back after five years he just went like right back to it like like like he did.

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