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Whatever that's going to exclude and The that's a bad thing Even I mean if the hate speech in his speech events at that as the line is a little grey but we have to let people speak we have to. We have to listen to them or we can choose not to listen to them but we have to allow him to speak. If we want our voices to be heard and conversations is the only way you gotta change somebody you know like for example if The you you made you made a statement at the at the beginning of Of the program that fact the first statement you made was you could not and never would sit down and talk to one of these people so if I were to figure okay well you know you talk money's people. I'm not gonNA beat the daylights out of you. Continue Talk One of these people. That's not GonNa make you talk to them. But I might have a chance if I converse with you. I may be able to plant some seeds that might persuade you or at least get you thinking. Well you know maybe I can have a conversation about it. You know but if I'm if I'm beating on you all I'm doing is driving away and reinforcing which you already know that you don't want to do it you speed. So that's that's part of the problem. We cannot beat the Nazi out of Nazi. Just that simple. I mean it may feel good to go punch of Nazi in the face or something. But it's not gonNA change in one of the things I love about. You know what you're doing is in an Andrew. Pointed out is that you're not allowing your feelings to take over so you have these feelings. You're like this pisses me off as much as the next person but you're trying to find solutions to it and in European. The solution is to educate if people know more as they got closer to you. I've heard you Have statements before were you said you know some of the things you've heard about? African Americans are they have smaller brains. They are not as smart and things of that nature and once you start to communicate with these people they're like Oh my God like he's really eloquent. you're a an amazing musician? You have all these all these talents and all these skills and you're really Kind of like Eminem does and in his movie eight mile. You're taking everything they ever thought of you and you're pulling it all away. You're pulling all of that away from them so they no longer have it as armor and then plus on top of that to start things out. You're really listening to them. You're listening to the things that they don't understand your and then I would imagine from there. It's probably a process of you. tryin untangle. Maybe some of the thoughts that they've had and how do you kind of manage that part of it? Is that because you know. I can't see win when they see me. They see the enemy. You know. I'm a black person. They have their ideology their wallets up. They're ready to fight the ability to defend quite patriotism. And whatever else you know on all right. I know I'm there to attack. Them is up against them. That's their mentality. But when I come and I'm just chilled. I'm listening to them and allowed them to say whatever they WANNA say. My buttons are not getting pushed etcetera. They get thrown off their game and they had to go home and think about that. Oh you down. That guy's speaks the same language I speak you know. He didn't get up out of shape he listened. He wants the same things for his family that I want the mindset in Oh and and they keep seeing this over and over again but I always make sure that I you know I had them in my relying bike. The border the house. Whatever all right. We'll talk and once I trust them. You know that you know not gonNA blow up my house or shoot near whatever I will invite over some of my friends some of my black friends and my Jewish friends. Some of my wife friends you know. So they can engage in conversation with them as well gives. It's very important that they don't could because if you don't do that they will thank you know Darryl ty- exception is the other black people. You know you don't want that to happen. You don't want that to every Every white persons like my doctors black or my why they display raised. I Live I listen to black music. Like right yeah so you I make sure you know that I suppose to other people who are who who disagree with them and and who you know have the same attributes that they want the same things as a that way you. I'm not saying you're wrong this. I'm letting him see this. And they the home omits figure that out themselves reevaluate. I give it up examples when I first interviewed The first for the book. He came in with his arm bodyguard into the hotel. Room and You Know He. He's the one who I You know you know you don't even know me interviewed a clans Like leader right. Yeah Athlete and at that time. This book called the Bell Curve. Come Out Racist Book that that Moore said Black people do not have the Iq that while people all CETERA. So anyway he wouldn't know he hadn't read the book but he'd heard that that's all he needed to do to build a case right and anyway he said that the black people had smaller brains in white veal before their capacity for IQ was less Brat people are lazy. We don't WANNA work We prefer scam. The government welfare system and and black people are more prone to crime than White People. That's the reason why lacks there? More blacks and Griffin so mean that obviously they must be be more black criminals and doesn't seem people to enslave right people that are lazy right at what she's not considering. The you know the inequity of the judicial system which is why you know there are a lot more in in prison than than the tricky but You're you're on. He has to see the result and that he can. He can write his own narrative about so even though he's he's sitting right across the table from me at saying all these things about me. I did not react negatively to a and that freaked out. 'cause he's so used to fighting with black people on on those points and I'm just sitting here listening to him and at the end I pointed out. Well you know Mr Kelly I have never been in. I don't have a criminal record I have never been on welfare and never measured my brain. But I'm sure it's the same as everybody else's and I knew that I had more education than he and his bodyguard put together. So what do I have to prove? And then now with was sitting across from me he was in a suit and tie and it had a little taste little suitcase with them which was sitting on the bed in the Motel and somebody told me I sensed it swing told me that his robinhood were in that that case and so at the end of the interview I asked him. I said you have your robinhood with you. Said yes you know. He pointed to the case as a would you mind could on for me. Pitcher My book is it okay so afternoon table. He pops open his suitcase. Cools out the robe and hood kicks off his suit. Jacket puts on the robe and hood walks over to the dresser. Where the Maria's? He's standing in the Mirror. You know fixing himself his bodyguards fixing his adjusting the sewage. And all that and I'm sitting at the table you know looking at it. And now I've seen clansman and clan women marched up and down the street in a in a clan. You know a march but I've never seen I never had one put on their road right in front of my face. It you know with you. Know less than five feet away in a room It's very hard for me to describe to you what I was feeling but I was feeling all kinds of feelings. All what's I felt very angry. I felt very sad. I felt very bitter. And I'm ashamed to say it. I felt very violent. I knew I could jump across that table. And take that die down for all the atrocities that people like him wearing Rosenberg just like had done to my ancestors and other members of my ethnicity color of my skin because of that Robin Hood and I had to remind myself der will will will will. Gondolas settled down you number one. You invited him here. It didn't have to come but he came. He gave you the interview. You ask them to come on his Robin Hood. He complied with your wishes. So what are you GONNA do? Are you going to ask somebody to do something for you? And then they oblige you beat them up for now do that a stupid you know so and then I said to myself what he is exact same person who forty five seconds earlier with sitting across from me in a suit and tie and he was saying I had a small brain. I'm on welfare and I'm a criminal. Why am I slap him then? Now he puts on the Robin Hood slapping. He's the same person. The Robin Hood is nothing. More than a piece of material it means nothing. There are people in suits and ties. Who feel the same way? There are people in uniform for badge and gun. Feel the same way. There are judges in black robes. Who feel the same way? There are doctors who feel the same way. So don't let the material throw you. The material is not the material that the guerrillas made out of is not empowered with any type of super power. Imagine what we have to consider is not with. Somebody is wearing longer body with what is here. And what is here in other words what they feel in their heart and would they think in their mind that we need to focus on not a stupid robinhood. Because I tell you what I would rather see somebody coming up the sidewalk towards me in a Roman hood and know where they're coming from than somebody in a suit and tie or police office uniform at thick. I know where they're coming from and they stab me in the bat days. So we know the robinhood. Stand for an adjacent. When I got my first robinhood I'd have a bunch of the now when I got my first one. I didn't know what to do with it. I never had a row with before you know so I brought it home and I kept looking at it and you know and they feel very powerful in the road..

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