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Kentucky Derby is just going to be running a slop, always what the hell is going on randomness, my friend. That's just hit is amazing. How many sloppy Derby's? We've had I what we'd have to get in. I had a horse playing meteorologist on the in the money players podcast to comment on the weather ahead of the derby. We'll have to ask him if there's any causality between climate change and rainy I Saturday's in may. But I'm pretty sure he's going to tell us. It's just been random and we'll eventually have derby run on a beautiful. Spring day again, Emmett before you mentioned Gary west, and I think he's sort of a funny again the way media works in two thousand nineteen he's getting pilloried. He his original quotes were all class. And then one reporter must have got him. You know, he's an older, dude. He's in his seventies. And I'm sure it was just a really emotional exhausting. Whatever it was thirty six hours before this interview, he gave where he finally kind of went. He went a little bit left and was talking about quitting quitting and all this stuff. And look I get it's real easy to criticize in private tax. I said some mean things about it too. When I heard it, but I might temptation, here's to give the guy a break and let him speak a little bit more. I don't know. You know, this could be a Steve Coburn, California chrome situation when he went on TV and wind about tone lists cost and California chrome the triple crown because he hadn't run in all three races and had a bunch of really ridiculous quotes about that. And he deserved all the pillorying. Let's see when west is. Talked to again, if he doesn't back down and go back to sort of classy initial response, and it'd be does double down on the winey. I'm gonna take my ball and go home stance. We can criticize him then let's give the guy afraid it's been a rough couple of days, I'm selling all my wars is this out of the game. Bullshit, man. What the hero? What the hell man on come? Here. We win this race. I'm out a woman on the ground law NBC that poor woman's got to try and get up. We're backs destroy. She's got on getting sued by her. She's going to be addicted to bucket in. I've got myself the Kentucky Derby, I don't care on going down there to meet admit look. And the next thing you guys are taking it off me. Fuck this shit, man. It's ridiculous. I'm going into the greyhound racing businessman. They don't take off your there. And you can do whatever you won't the message is it me? Or is he particularly off today? Thanks. Just thought just not knowing what is going on on this. I don't from UP. I was just thinking as you were explaining things how I how as I mentioned before how lit liner about American racing. This Kentucky dog think really like push that to the full front because they just you know, here it's hot enough to follow racing. Head learn across the sea as well. But why we love having pizza on skies bullets Ray saying on why who probably behavior and involved in Alaska. He is sorry is because it's nice for us to have someone to be able to explain that..

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