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Public schools taking action today after the rash of kids getting hit by cars. Earlier today concerned parents lining up outside of west thirteen. Students were struck by cars this year while trying to get to class one girl was killed now. Cincinnati public schools is adding three additional crossing guards. And is. Looking into improving the lighting around the Crosswalks in the daytime high school west high area also is incumbent on drivers who are driving through school zones around school buses to slow down take your time. And know that that we have young people who are trying to do is get to school that day. Gaby Rodriguez all she wanted to do with what make time and get to school and she lost her life in September by driver. We still have not identified Lord Morley. With the district says student safety is their top priority. Req- chino, NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w supreme court Justice, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg, undergoing surgery earlier today to remove malignant cancerous growths from her lungs Ginsberg's eighty five years old the oldest Justice on the court and a court released a statement saying there's no evidence of any remaining cancer update on the case of a woman in Colorado. You might have heard about this. She's been missing since thanksgiving. We'll her fiance is now under arrest for her murder. And our body has not even been found yet. The suspect Patrick phrase and the victim Kelsey Berith shared custody of a one year old child. If you're flying to the east coast for the holidays. Check ahead. Delays cancelled flights at three major airports in the New York City area today Ford is recalling nearly a million pickup trucks for fire risks water contaminants may get into the engine block heaters, and that could lead to a fire. The recall will begin early next month on Wall Street, not good. The Dow is down one hundred and twenty seven points, NASDAQ off a hundred and twenty.

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