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There but i'll give it again over the earth because i think i kind of rattled through it or maybe i just gave i 'cause i made homemade grenadine last night as well i thought it was you know grenadine can be very syrupy can be ultra sweet and and good grenadine should be a little tart and little sweet as well but it should have that tartness that you get from pomegranates and a lot of people think it's it's like the syrup from marriage she cherries or something and that's it shouldn't be it's like bright red and it shouldn't be it should be a very warm red or a light purplish and it's really hard to find good stuff so i just made it i made it using pom the pomegranate juice you can get at the grocer sixteen ounces of it so you've got two cups in their pour that into a pan heated up to where it starts to simmer then add two cups of sugar you're basically doing a simple syrup which is one part sugar one part water usually in this case it's one part pomegranate juice and one part sugar so two cups of the pomegranate juice you want unsweetened two cups of sugar and then you heat that up and you start breaking down that sugar until it melts you want it to be clear liquid you don't want it to be cloudy and then at that point once heats up and then i will put in a couple of shakes of orange bidders in there and i will put just a smidge maybe a tablespoon less of fresh squeezed lemon juice and then you've got you've got two cups or so of great homemade grenadine that's not super syrupy and not super sweet has that tartness is great so i used it in something called a scofflaw great classic cup a cocktail delicious starts a little little sweet at first has a little bit of tartness to it and then a nice boozy dry boozy finish so this is a simple scofflaw two ounces rye whiskey one ounce dry vermouth half ounce grenadine half ounce lemon juice to shakes or so of orange bidders you shake that over ice you serve it up in a coop or cocktail or a martini glass rather.

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