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Better strategy a lot of competition and insane qualifying tyres but the downside is it also leads to insane. Rnd costs an potentially safety issues as each manufacturer pushes the edge. More more to try to outdo the other one. And i think the safety issue is more prominent. Now a motor gp but especially the cost issue is a big. They're trying to reduce costs not increase themselves. I'm not sure that the manufacturers would go back down that road for the same reason. I don't necessarily think they will go back down the open issue road as well because the rnd costs just balloon out of control. But that being said. I do think there is room for improvement here. And not just in terms of consistency. I think there's room for michelin to offer a wider variety of tires. Because right now they do hold tire tests. But they're really more focused on verifying safety and really confirming that one tire. One set of tyres isn't completely out in left field as opposed to picking an assortment of tires that will work for different manufacturers so instead of a straight soft medium hard compound based on track temperature. Because really. that's what those compounds are. Most reliant on is the temperature of the track and self taught every manufacturers khanna locked into that hard tire if it's cooler every manufacturers locked into that soft tire and if it's somewhere in between of course the medium instead of really the weather in the track conditions dictating everybody using almost the same tire exclusively. I'd rather see compounds. Geared towards different applications. You know focusing on things like edge grip in rear-drive and hard front breaking addressing characteristics more so than just temperature range something that would give teams more choices to suit their particular bike or riders characteristics without ripping the lid off on specialized tires and testing. So they could accomplish that by instead of bringing one set of tires to the track bringing two or three and yes that would increase the cost for michelin. It would increase the are in d for teams but only to a certain extent far less than having multiple tire manufacturers and what that leads to. So yeah i think. I think i mentioned this before at some point on the program that i think that michelin really needs to kind of expand their horizons a little bit and instead of just going with soft medium hard trying to do some specialized compounds that would help woman you factor or another bitches make even you know. Give everybody something that they can use if they choose to use it and they can really work out and testing what would be the best combination for their bike. All right let's move on. From what happened in silverstone to what's about to happen this weekend. Aragon with the return of maverick. Y'all as a criminal to posted a couple of picks of maverick on the appropriate getting fitted up for the bike and misano. Then there's also a short video that can check out at motogp dot com which you can watch for free. Even if you don't have video pass along with short and very vague assessment by romano abyssinia. No obviously everybody was happy and positive about it. That's why he's going to ride this weekend. and it's kind of interesting that album ciano right off. The bat did say that things went really well because they kinda played it. Close to the vest with andrei ceo. So and it turned out that's because he wasn't getting along with the bikes so much. So romano said it was positive he bingo too far. He was kind of general with this assessment. Does that mean that math was maybe hot and cold on the bike. I don't think so. And i'm sure we'll get a much better picture and have some concrete answers once we do see him on the bike this weekend but like any new writer on a brand new bike wouldn't necessarily expect the world but what should we expect. Well that's what care. Cb are was wondering over on it. Asking ken maverick than y'all is really truly accelerate noting. How much shorter and lighter. Maverick is aleisha. Spa grow and knowing that bike was built for allies to take advantage of it. How might that affect maverick. Like can you get on the bike and do all right away or could lead to another circle and cycle of frustration on the thing where things in this case that i would say are working for maverick in the situation. Apprently as main test rider. This year has been andre the video its yo so the aforementioned andrea who's far closer to maverick in size so i think that helps a little bit. I think that maybe some of the things that andrea will would be the same types of things that maverick would say need to be addressed as well and then the second thing that i think is working to. His advantage is the fact that venezuela's is smaller than ally as opposed to bigger and. It seems that it's easier to adjust to bike to a smaller rider than it is to adjust it to a bigger one. Just ask danilo petrucci about that But pesca potter also mentioned on the throttle style. That ally said that he's had to adopt take full advantage of the horsepower available to the appropriate. Its current form which isn't enough horsepower. So he's got to get on the throttle early early a pesky podcast says that's something that is going to be more difficult for maverick to adjust to. I think it will be for sure now. Of course they do have a new engine on the way to an appropriate might be able to squash that potential. Hang up pretty quickly by getting maverick. That new power plant as soon as they possibly can but it will be interesting either way to see how maverick apps and how quickly he adapts to the new bike because it's definitely not going to be as good on paper as the yamaha that he stepped away from and for a writer that hasn't shown the greatest amount of patients in the past. I don't know month or so s- going to be a pretty big challenge for him. Of course we're gonna find out next weekend. Exactly how well he's going to be able to step up to that challenge super excited for this era gombe round. I'm okay Couple of other things to talk about kobe's posted a link to a chart where he's been keeping stats for facebook group motogp supporters essay. I hadn't heard of them. But i certainly am gonna join if you guys will have me And i love that chart not just because it's all about numbers. Although the numbers are a big part of it. I love numbers but that it makes it really easy to see how consistency is once again playing a pivotal role in the championship. And you can see that chart without having to go all the way to facebook if you don't want to i believe he's posted on reddit and that chart spells it up pretty clearly when you look at. Just how linear of a slope. It is for fabio charro. How is points consistently keep going up but at the same time how so. Many of the other riders lines below him have converged while guys like joy mirror. Brad bender have trended a little bit upwards others like jack miller and petco back. Ni- have really flattened out so while those guys are basically sharing points by interchanging with one another the open space in the graph between fabio quarrels line and everybody else's keeps getting bigger and bigger says a really great chart. I think it really spells out in very simple terms. What fabrio has been able to do that. Nobody else has done this season. And then moving on the dj. Yes i am going on vacation this weekend and i apologize by the way that the shows that day late. I'm kind of moving into this new role at this new job. And i had to work really really late on wednesday night so i didn't have time to record the show and i am going away tomorrow and dj. I wish i was headed for four days in the beatha partying it. Up with mark valentino. There's a party you know andrea nana is going to be there to know. Take me half the time just to get there and then turn around and come right back. There will be beach involved with my weekend for sure but nothing nearly as exotic. It'd be and the dj's poll this week the best type of victory celebration personally. I'm a traditional guy when it comes to celebrating win i think a huge stand up whealy completely rolls. The remmy gardner did do a pretty bad ass burnout. After his moto to win in silverstone. And that's very cool because you don't get the burnouts very often so that one's pretty high on my list as well all right. So let's wrap up the program with some picks and video posted on reddit over the past few days. We'll start with med bay. Seventeen three whose fiancee was making us. All look bad totally tearing it up at the track with her ninja. Three hundred and you may donuts. I'm going to the track with you. You know how to do it. Donuts the morning maybe a couple of cold ones at the end of the day after you're done on track and we'll be like the perfect of course in my world what you experienced. Maybe it will be the exact opposite. My other half wouldn't wanna get anywhere near the bike. But she would definitely love hanging out with the tail wagging pit crew. In fact i showed.

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