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What's going on sixteen still the man. Episode of the aftermath is on the air man. Are you feeling pretty good. What about you. Yeah hanging in man. i'm. I'll tell you what i'm really interested in the guest that we have today. So you interested in laughing at you know. We do a lot of goofy laughing and things around here so today. our guest is. We have a comedian. That's based in atlanta her name is kendra crump really interested in her. She's got a lot going on man he's got a podcast youtube page whole bunch of stuff going on and so let's get into a winner and see what we could find out about kindergarten cop out that liz do that just do. Let's bring our on. A low is fine. I love seeing. Who has their camera on. Doesn't we him on the cancer. We got you actually connect okay. What's going on man. So let me tell you what. I what i what i'm wearing right now right so i got mad because i was running to. The car was running across the airport. Right and i'm like drissa sweat but i actually had like bucket naked right. Well actually got this low routing. On that i'm gonna laundry so you don't see my entire but not trying to get you guys kicked off the air. Okay always scout so you my neck right now. Okay everything's gonna pay all right. So say the knicks the naked above for free to resume. Maybe just a preview. You gotta swipe book. Yeah that's thank you guys so much again. i. I don't know like trustworthy person. All you gotta do is count my joy to changes over a little bit or maybe under. Just just do what. I owe you bill me tomorrow. Why y'all sit here. Waiting for police show after friends is all which i work at the airport. A biggest. that's offered as you know funny about what what you had on. What your situation. Because i was like you know we have things that we wanna talk to you about and i guess we could you know at some point. Get into what you were going or dealing with but even with all that that was happening still have an interesting story anyway so now i always every every week. There's always something going on in my life. Good bad and ugly can always make a joke out of it. I was just. I was so appalled that my manager forgot. I was in the office. It has she not come back there by came to the bag. The store would close. I'm like i have patients websites like us come on now but she says she added an extra hour. I'm gonna have to send our tests that she's kind of ultra. She might forget to add an extra hour to my time. Slot have signed for this mess. No we don't want them forgetting about your extra. Ns because we definitely want you to get the checks. Yes you can listen to run up on. Gonna be like the grossest. I'm going to be the ringleader out. Here yeah just follow suit. Follow the bag and we can give context of that in a second hand. We give a context for my titty. I wasn't sure what the hand i forgot. Four second gross grosses. So yeah the little one city okay. All right think we're just to be like it's good good so let's with this. Let's start at the beginning so comedy. It's not so it's something that people you know. They see the finished product. You're good at making people laugh but so when it comes to comedy this you know that was something at a young age that you like to make people laugh and was something that you wanted to do as a career. So i've been funny minds higher life. But i never you know really took it seriously until two thousand sixteen reason being two thousand sixteen. Everybody kept saying kendra. You are freaking hilarious. People for middle school haven't seen Years or like i remember you. You help me out with my math homework. Which i don't know how that was possible because me and map. We don't do what. I never was able to be a chef because it's too many numbers always tell people like this. All we need is multiplication addition subtraction. And that other one that basically does not trying to cheat you in life. That's all we need. We need to put tagging theorem for. Okay i'm just saying come just to start out away all right but no so i've been Like i said i just After so many people kept saying. You are hilarious. I will make kids laugh. 'cause like i like her. She's funny. Kids will tell you the truth man. Three things that don't lie. Children are drunk man and leggings. Okay i trust those three all right so with all that being said without yeah is honey legs so i said let me just go ahead and just try to Go after this dream. And here. I am and i don't even try to be funny answers. You know just a natural with it just being just being yourself and let come across basically. That's it so it's funny that you mentioned that because at least me into my next question. So what are your. What influences your routine and topic. So is it more like your life and upbringing in current events or maybe a little bit of bolt bolt every day every single day. I can always find something to joke about. I always make something like you know. I'm a people watch. I love watching people do crazy things. I'm always roast and people in my head all day long my mom always told me kinder- think before you speak. I never did listen to her. Okay so i've just and it works out pretty well now but now with all that being said by me working at the airport i'm able to see some of the most like outrageous things from people having their dogs and carriages and dr driving them around and away walking them to them dressing their dogs To sing people. And i don't wanna seem like stereotypical 'cause you know just fill in the blanks to these. People are are rising people on the ground playing on the ground with their children on the airport floor walking barefoot. You know it's it's amazing. It's amazing so yeah. Every day. Current event lied type stuff. It's it's it's wonderful now. This is interesting too because sometimes they said by our imitate life. So it's just interesting to know where you find your motivation to put yourself out there and a little bit of humor to some of the crazy things like you mentioned that you see in your everyday life so Just let everybody know again. We're talking to kinder- crunchies a awesome. Comedian she's also host of the kendrick. Crump show that's available apple podcasts. Google podcasts wherever you get your podcast right so for on youtube search for kindred crop and you can find her on instagram at a dynasty easy. You got something from his kendrick. So with those With that vast cadillac log jokes that you have somebody ever come up to you and been like hey. I don't. i didn't appreciate that joke. That joke.

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