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You have to take i depend i have to i agree depends on the board because this is a matter of cording lace in the state of arizona you do if i'm replacing a michael crabtree i'm fine take aaron rodgers like yeah i would be free with me is not a guy worth passing on aaron rodgers now if we're talking about you know someone that we really really like is there dion lewis and and you know a fits i'm not taking i'm not going to take aaron rodgers over player like that so now that we have to wind outs three running backs what's on your mind mike what are you does we gotta go wide receiver at this point p pr pr league devin funchess corey davis you got another maybe maybe that adds a little too much unknown risk to iran stor with sean michelle you can go more established guy like marvin jones who last year was very very good top twelve wide receiver i was going to bring him up last round he is not as popular in the pr format because he's normally a sixty catch type of guy you also have options here with sammy watkins kansas city could go robby anderson randall cobb is a pr sneaky play i think he's going to drop a couple rounds somebody i'd love to get late random i agree with that right oh cup someone we should look for a couple rounds from from now but if we're looking wide receiver p pr or not p p r i think marvin jones cookie over one hundred targets last year nine touchdowns and he's got he's got his role established and then you also have the loss of eric brown which say whatever you want about whether you like eric brown he soaked up a lot of targets.

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