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Okay okay okay that's funny that's funny it is funny andy's funniest tweets are dumb he's a dumb dumb oh my god the present such a fucking dumdum right until until we attack north korea right right in in in in everyone's like oh what they they you know one of the weird things over here i think people are comforting themselves in their minds are thinking like well we don't we got a few more years until north korea's develop nuclear warheads they can put on there icbms and also it's mutually assured destruction right will be yet except fucking north korea has vx gas good they could put on their fucking icbms right now and just drop nerve agents on cities in the in the united states in if they wanted to end so a mutually assured destruction is a great thing look if if on if we have seen people on each side right but the moment you've got somebody who's like i don't really care i'm seventy everybody hates me i know they hate me i don't really fucking care i think we can go somewhere safe there's bunkers and show i don't really care aegis drinking diet coke and his grains all gummy and he's foggy and he's having these like adrenaline jumps you know from all the caffeine and who knows what else right am i right that's what i'm saying man that's where it's like the the the thing that's that i just feel i think the apocalypse is it going to look like darth vader i think it's gonna look dumb annette unsophisticated and kinda like grumpy.

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