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Need some help getting reelected in nineteen forty four. Nazi germany. Give me some dirt on whoever was running. Was running against VR's in elected seems insane. That. And you know, what people here that any don't. They don't accept the context of how that is win that said. In the midst of an attack by Russia. Anyone willingly taking it from just seems insane. And there's a whole other aspect of volume one that that almost inconceivable. And of course, we saw some press reports along these lines leading up to all of this. But yeah, washer was was in election systems. I mean, a lot of elections pleased to dozen states were infiltrated by Russia, including Florida. And at of course, without any paper trails any system along those lines to verify their way, telling whether or not they were actually able to change votes. But we know is they were in there. So we don't know that they didn't either as you point out any. I mean, it's the first line of the mall report this massive and sweeping inter- intervention. You're right. I think people people miss stuff like that. Most team describes the targeted individuals and end these involved in the administration of elections networks and databases tasked with managing. Votes voters as you say more than two dozen states. But even just the numbers that you remind us Bob that you said Trump won the entire three states where Manafort shared the polling data in the battlegrounds right by less than one percent of the popular vote ten thousand ten thousand Michigan twenty thousand Wisconsin, forty four thousand in Pennsylvania around fifty one thousand previous Bernie Sanders. Supporters sports voted for Trump in Wisconsin, forty seven thousand Sanders voters went for Trump and Michigan and Wapping one hundred sixteen thousand more in Pennsylvania. And every case we're talking about election altering margins especially when we had the tens of thousands of votes for green party nominee, Jill Stein in those states clear, partly because a lot of birdies that brief and or supporters were hit with Hillary propaganda. It on Facebook and Twitter for months and months and months and going back into the primaries. And so that a lot of Bernie Sanders. Look, we can't support Hillary Clinton, and we will not we will vote for Trump Trent vote for Jill Muller report. The individualize accounts that followers that posted pro Sanders and anti-clinton material. And it also very clearly said Russia said we we don't we support interests in Trump, none of the other candidates. And so they were in both primaries. But but anyway. On polling showing the exact same thing is going to happen again. That's that's why the to me the warning cloud is that if these polls are correct twenty percent of Sanders supporters right now say they won't vote for Buddha. Judge Warren, Bernie, well and horned security else. Nothing about it right vote. Like, Bernie does those twenty six percent of people who support Bernie Sanders say they would vote for Trump over Elizabeth Warren eighteen percent over who could be more politically aligned with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. I mean, we're talking about is a general election. I mean, let's get right down to it. I mean, the twenty twenty election's gonna come down to three or four percentage points. Out here, and maybe even less than that could be one or two percentage points. We don't know yet, obviously. But I mean, the twenty six percent of Bernie Sanders supporters will vote for Trump over Elizabeth Warren. I think Donald Trump. And then, of course, the Bernie Sanders. For war. No. I think that's why you and others like us have been trying to scream this from the rooftops as they're going to do it to us. Again. Let's not do it to ourselves again. I mean, it's an as we keep saying we've got a lot of reach between us and the sexy liberal network. If you're calling us, Bernie bashers, we're on your team. Voices for Bernie if he's the nominee voted for Hillary vote. Like Bernie does Bernie fans and I'm burning releases tax return. You know? Who cares that he made money? I don't this is why did this criticism? No qualms with. To collect social security and write a successful book. I don't care. I don't care. Okay. I'm tired of dancing around the Bernie's. I mean, look grownups.

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