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And it's like this is the riot squad. We are we know that were weird. And and we're we're open, and and we've found this Viking woman. And and we're okay with the fact that you are like, but but just you have to dress that you have to be like, here's the story made all the more obvious by the fact that live has shifted her look to match with ruby. You know, doesn't dress totally like ruby. But is in that realm. Yeah. Like, I've said it before they come across to me as mean girls in high school who did acid would make fun of you while they're were triggered this is just I mean, that's mean-spirited when you're shipping, and you're making fun of people. That's mean spirited, you know, when you're disagreeable, and like we're going to do acid. Fuck you. That's their gimmick to me. And then you got the fucking Jeff throw toes. Fucking oldest daughter just being like well songs from the woods. It's just it's, but, but if you look at pictures of Sarah Logan on the indie scene tonight, even write down what her name was. It was like mad Mary one of our trainers was mad man Pondo. So that gives you a lot. This is what I'm saying. What this is what I'm saying. This is what I'm saying has she ever taken a weed whip to the face. Probably there's pictures of her like just. Here's a crazy girl. That's pretty crazy. Hold on. Let me pull it up. Because now now holding I feel like you don't believe me the kids at home. Don't believe me. Everybody thinks I'm full. She it. Sarah Logan, was known as crazy Mary. Dobson. Okay. I somehow heard that name and she was not dressing like a God damn. Invite crazy, Mary Dobson let me pull up pictures of Mike Dobbin Dobbins. Yeah. Dobson. Okay. This is what maybe not because I'm like, oh, she can dress. How she wants to dress. She's dressing this way. Nobody's telling her should the fuck in. Here's a here's a very disturbing photo for just like is. It is their shit on the wall is it blood? What is going on there? Logan that Sarah, Logan. Give me that phone. Crazy, Mary Dobson we take a closer look at that. I'll take your word for it. I don't I can't believe that. That's who who that is. Nine best. Crazy, Mary Dobson Sarah, Logan, images. No. I'm just saying what I'm saying on recognizable to me. That's what I'm saying that she like nineteen. There's something probably look at this that. Okay. That now that looks like. But again, it's this outfit is fits in more with the fucking riot squad. Okay. Then she does. Now that she's a member of the riot squad. Okay. With the lick the skull and the stuff. Yeah. Well, that's before she even this thing with the with the kooky little became a north woman. She's a nurse woman. She's dressing like the beserk Haas Haas. Just obviously, obviously, I'm the one with the problem. Not a lot of time for warlord or the beserk for me personally. But oh, the boulevard four, oh, you're such a warlord mar object of art form. Look at her with her stupid with with the barb wire bad and the fucking mass..

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