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Male man looking for women. Student with short blond haired coffee. Shop Berkeley, this was near the UC theater. Earlier this evening sat next to you for a minute and seem like you might have been showing signs you were interested, but I'm pretty bad at reading these things. I looked looked like you're reading a textbook of some. So I had a backpack and pizza here's to hoping for a miracle. This boys completely lost. Here was a young lady. Who was busy studying in? This creep went in for a pizza and he has a backpack and he looked at her. He thinks she's in love with them. What's signs was she showing that she was interested? Tell me what they were sat next the guy sat down next to a pretty girl for one minute. And he thought that there was signed. She was interested in what signs would that be what could the size of been that. She didn't talk to you. You don't even know her name. The last one a flight from Arizona. I was on business. You went to Arizona state. You were several rows in front of me exchanged a few words, I choked you caught my eye for a while on the way to the next gate at the destination for for then we went our separate ways. I would say young lady keep going your separate way. This guy's a loser will never amount to anything. He's too timid. Don't don't marry a guy that timid longhair Docker and gray or white male seeking man met on Sawyer camp trail japodlay their target Tuesday night buddy on foul misconduct. You get what I'm saying? Now. One more before we go back to Trump Trump Hewlett Mula. Trump Trump Mueller Mula Trump, Trump your. What is this is a man looking for women or women looking for men? Where I didn't get it. I got something are women from man you want me to do this. Yes. Or no, they turn the show up ready. They're not ready for this. They want to hear all wall banger talk day and night about Mueller impeachment and give all the details of the law. You know, that's all they want. I love all the experts are law experts every little detail. They can tell you in advance. What is this women for men? A free time frenzy if it's dirty. I'm not reading it. Let me just read one met you at a in San Carlos. Oh, look at this. This is a a cougar my daughter, and I were having dinner, and you were sitting at the table next to us. We chatted about SF and spots we mutually new you left me a number. Okay. As you left it. I misplaced it. Sir this cougar with a daughter, you gave her a number and she lost it have nothing more to do with her. A disaster. If she lost your phone number. She's looking for you. Now, could you imagine what a relationship would become like you wish you were dead? This is a dirty one can't read it black bear. Where's the morning chat? Clint's darty. I can't read it. Clint. This one wants this is a woman looking for a man morning. Texting buddy. Let's chat w four m. Hello hope you're well. I'm looking for a male texting buddy. So we can chat during the day. I am fifty two years old work eight to five PM Monday to Friday. Sometimes it gets boring at work. It'd be nice to have someone to talk to hear from you soon. What can you say about sexism lonely woman, who's not doing her work? She should be working. Texting during work one more one. Why can't resist? He just sent him to school drop off pickup. Woman for man, you stare so much knows because I look to next time. I'm alone. Come talk to me. I stand out. I don't understand it. Look, the human condition is so horrible. Everyone's lonely. Everyone's incomplete buying large except when they young or let's say you how it works. Is you meet someone you fall in love you transcend yourself? You get out of yourself. And that's other self becomes your higher power. And only in those periods called love where the other person becomes the higher power, and you transcend your own horrible. Mortal self do you feel all the joy that humankind is capable of feeling at those moments. And that's it. That's why people continuously wanna fall in love is they want that high all over again. However, adults know how it all ends. It ends the way it always ends. It's the way of all of all flesh. So the wise people don't do this over and over again only those who live at Hollywood think that they could have the high day and night for the rest of their lives, and then with the hair plugs and Viagra, you know, some of them get away with it until late in life. But we can go back to politics. If you want and Mueller Trump, I'm not doing it. I'm not doing it. I'd rather read the phone book. Then talk about Mueller a Trump. I'd rather read the telephone book, you know, that I could probably read the dictionary right now and have a bigger audience that I could if I talked about Mueller and Trump I could probably pick up thirty days to a more powerful vocabulary, which I have in my hand, which I've had here since since I was I read this book in high school because I was an immigrant, son. And I wanted to learn more about my language. You know, my answer is to people when they say to me, you speak, and they asked me their language. I say, I'm still learning English. Thank you. I've written all these books, and I speak for a living. But I'm still learning. What this how complex English is how complex this languages. Peccadillo penury megalomania imbroglio braggadocio panacea fiasco, idiosyncrasy rationalize.

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