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The increasingly important wine region of Celente is nestled in the heel of Italy's boot. And this is a red. I love Italian reds, but I'd never heard of Celente. So that's the whole point of this. This is a southern Italian wine. Let's see. What else have we got a mouth Beck? We love those. Probably put that on the list you can. You could select wines and repeat winds. You really love this is from Mendoza Argentina, the home of the best mile Beck's. Oh, I love this. This is an album field theory. One of my favorite labels from wink and I've, I've loved every one of these. This is don't you love the bottles. You're very beautiful. This is almost clear. You could see the beautiful color of the wine arena. This twenty sixteen Alberino buddy gno which isn't talion style wind. But this one's from Lodi. No membership fees. You could skip any month oca- the this is the one I keep. Shipping is covered. If you don't like a bottle, they'll send you a new one. You know questions asked you keep the old one two because of course you're not gonna mail that back. These are wines curated to your taste by the way, the more wines you try and rate, the more personalized they'll get. This is my favorite. This is. I think it's tralian Blau Franck. 2016. This is the field theory Blau Franck this. This wine blew me away. When I first tasted it's from Paso Robles. Why settle for the same bottle of wine go to wink. You get a wine for a couple of meals a month, a wine to bring friends. When you go to dinner.

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