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Yeah, I saw they were both pretty happy with the result and joking around. Always going to want to finish ahead of his teammate. But in that scenario, McLaren was just trying to bring home as many points as they can, which is something for them that they need to be doing, obviously, again, captain obvious. They need to be bringing every team needs to be bringing home points. But they're always going to want to do that in the way that that means that they can maximize it the most. So I think it was interesting for us to listen to, I think there was this is always going to be the problem with TV broadcasts and what radio that we are played in moment. There was a lot of unhappiness about not letting down your through when they had one Pierre gasly on their tails so if they had played around with swapping positions, they'd have absolutely been got by gasly, then we had the Alonso over cut situation. So we're only played certain. Which didn't work. Which failed spectacular. They were giving it a go. Just focus it. I think it would just be too ambitious with that over cut attempt. I think if they're just right, cover Alonso now and let Ricardo run clear of gasly. It probably is less of a lesson situation, but I would say that with hindsight, but also just I think you're right. The radio message is played out and selected in the way they were, made it seem like a much, much bigger drama than F one's not helping itself. But the unfortunately, I mean, I would flip in I know if you subscribe to F one TV, you can listen to as many as much radio as you like. Most parts, but I think it's absolutely welcome to listen to all the radio. I find that the most fascinating part of probably watching the racing. But yeah, it's a case of that's not how it works on broadcast. So we're always going to get a slightly skewed narrative, which I think people not to tell people off. But people would do well just to have that in the mind a bit more because so many storylines get spun off from only hearing very small snapshots of actually what is going on. There's chatter all the time on the radio and we hear tiny little fragments of them. So it's something that kind of comes back to bite F one a number of times because of that. Also on the radio, if you are going to listen back and watch it to anyone, anyone doing that. There is a massive well, there's a significant delay of at least two or three seconds. So there's that meme of Lance stroll in what is in Russia 2020, where the engineers like, no, it must be last year, 2021 where nice off the race. Do.

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