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Chicago bear linebacker, Brian Urlacher, one of the best. To ever do it. It is fun. Brian recent inducted into the hall of fame. I'm curious Brian right off the bat does life change when you become a hall of Famer. I I would imagine from the standpoint of opportunities they like to say, here's the H O F guy or lacquer. Yes. And that aspect it's definitely changed. My daily routine has not changed and Onslow same guy. Just the HR after the end. But yeah, the opportunity aspect of definitely changed or not in my daily life. I loved your hall of fame speech, Brian because it was real. And it wasn't like you're a polished or you're up there. You're talking about your life. And I thought it was moving. I thought it was really quite a speech. Did you have a lot of stress and putting that thing together by thank you. Thanks for. It was stressful because I didn't want look like an idiot on stage in front of all these people in. The people I wanted to get the talk about my family. My friends, my coaches, I didn't get to fit everybody in a little frustrating aspect because I got I didn't want to be disrespectful to take up someone's time behind me who's who's given their speech. So I was trying to be respectful of their time. Also, get everyone in my camp in there too. But man, it was just it was fun to be to be a part of that. And once I was done. I was so relieved just to get that part over with was there a day that went by. And you're Chicago bear career where you didn't hear the name dick Butkus. You know, many of them I'll tell you that much. But there's a reason for that. He was he was mad man, you know. And the problem was a comparison started so early on it wasn't fair for him for me to be compared to. 'cause I haven't done anything in my career, and the people always want to compare me to him or to single Terry. I was like look, man. I appreciate the comparison. It's just not fair to those guys because they're in the hall of fame. They reach out to you in any way. Or did you reach out to them? Because I I always go for Butkus. I forgot how great single Terry was great DJ reach out to you with assistance. No, I I saw them throughout my career periodically. They would come around Orgainzation, and they come to games I've seen them on the sidelines or we'd be at advance together. But other than that, you know, I read and speak to them very much. They you know, we're after you get through the football. You kinda just go on living your life. You don't at least for me since I've been and I don't really try and get in those circles that much anymore. You know, it is interesting. How the game of football has changed. I was looking at some of the breakdown this year. It's over sixty percent pass. And it's almost like, you know, the. The now personnel departments are looking for that athlete that can Brits space against real athletes as opposed to the old days of stacking shed and looking for guys who take on blocks. Yeah. You know, I was talking to someone earlier about the size of linebackers. Now, there's six one six feet in there to twenty five so they can run they want guys who like you said that can make make plays in space in the in the smaller guys seem to be the fit for that for that mold because they a little more athletic. I guess we should be in common theme. You think the the game is softer today? What I saw I think it's safer. You know, I think the NFL is going. It has to be software. You know? That's just the way the rules. Are you gotta you gotta just to the rules and the rules say that you got you can't hit. You can't do. This can't do that. That's just the way it is. So guys have to adjust you grew up in Washington, or we suborn in Washington grew up out in the west who who's your guy when you were a little kid looking up who's your team who is your guy? So I grew up I grew. I was born in Washington. Moved to New Mexico when I was really young. So I was a Cowboys fan. My guy was during what some safety for the Cowboys. He was the guy I wanted to be like I played safety in high school. I thought I was big I was six four hundred ninety. So I thought that was a big guy and barons, you know, six to two twenty five. So I thought he was a big safety is a huge Cowboys fan. And he was the guy. I wanted to be like I saw you in college, and some of the film, they used you as what the low back there. You're kind of a state park safety part part linebacker. They're exactly right. Just like a hybrid guy back there. I never got blocked that much. I ran the ball pretty much every play. It was a blast Coachman in Holland coach long put me in some great positions to make plays. And I it was fun. But it was kind of a shell shock when I got to NFL to how to deal with a blocker every single place little change in New Mexico. We don't we don't think of New Mexico is a football power coming out of high school. That's just one of those deals. You wanted to stay home. Choice is only only offer I got. So it really wasn't a decision to make. When you have one offer it to go to school for free. You kind of take it. So I took that worked out great who is the greatest player in New Mexico history until you. Oh, that's a good question. Robin Cole Steelers Perkins dedom- Perkins. Go school there as well. Wow. Dallas Cowboys that's way back in school as well. We're talking and they still might be the best player for the Mexico. So they. Coal when when a couple of rings with the Steelers, no question, we're talking to Brian Urlacher hall of fame. Linebacker Chicago Bears. Man, you say bears and linebackers. Yeah. But kiss single tear yourself now Khalil Mack and roquan Smith. What was your thoughts watching roquan this year? I know MAC it's a lot of the headlines roquan like almost every game from about halfway through the year on looking at a dozen tackles tackles for losses. Big plays. He was huge. Yeah. He got a better season went on. You know who impressed me this year was a danger of in the guy signed from Denver. He he showed up every game. He's causing fumbles sacks. Just a little missile out there on the field. You know, I roquan gets a lot of the press as he showed good football player. But but. Replace fat defense, and I think Danny calls. The defense is out there as well. So he's got more pressure on him to to get things. Right before we talk about Brian Urlacher. He's representing a special group with Special Olympics. Are you one of these guys seemed like I asked this to every hall of Famer ways people looks back and says well darn Super Bowl that still haunts me. I didn't win them Hami doesn't haunt me. But I damn sure which would have won it. You know, it's frustrating to get there. And not when when that game, but it's so hard to get to this. What's amazing about the patriots? This is our ninth game nighttime. They've been here since Brady and Belichick took over. And it's not that easy to get to this game. You know, we made it to one in thirteen years and some people make it like, oh, we're gonna get back next year. It's not like that, man. It's hard because you got injuries got free agency. It just doesn't work out like that. Yeah. No, you're absolutely right. You the stars literally have to align for a team to make it from training camp. All the way game. Bill Belichick is a is an elite elite defensive coach. But he's you know, his background is in the secondary and secondary. I mean, they play smart. They're prepared their mistakes on both sides of the football. And then that's easy for the offense. Because Brady's run the show. But with defense they have a lot of guys that you haven't heard of in early in the season by the end of the season. Like damn this guy had a great season. And they just you know, he get some lined up. They they play well together, they don't make mistakes when you play fundamentally sound football. And don't make mistakes are going to be a good defense. How many times you play Brady and your career we play the patriots four times throughout my career my rookie year? I think my second and third year. So every every four years, you know, you play that AFC look into did you see something that you didn't see from other people? In other words, gets I'm asking was he just more confident. No, I anything different on. It's really hard to tell during a game look in someone's face. What what they're thinking what they're going to be. Was the great ones. They're great. That's obviously know Peyton was the same way. Drew Brees Rogers. You know, they got it. That's just the way it is. How do you see the Rams defense in this thing? Donald leads a front that just really wicked. I think they're under their linebackers are undersized. But as we said before they run really, well, they got too big time corners. Safeties. Acute to leave. I think you're going to be a big game changer for their defense upfront, obviously with Donald and soup and the pressure. They can get from those guys is going to be big. They can rush four guys and get pressure on Brady that's going to be a big deal. But he gets rid of the ball so fast. You know, they they scheme you they their first ten fifteen players are good every game. So I think that's gonna that's for me. That's where the matchup is that that the Rams defense versus the patriots offense. What's your educated guess and for Sunday? I like the Rams I'm just probably like every person who's not a patriots fan is rooting for their team to win. And I think the pages have had their they've had enough wins. I like see somebody else, and especially a young team on the on the up and going. Part of me says, you know, go patriots. And and Brady and Bella chicken the experience factor. But I think there's a chance that the Rams defensive speed is overwhelming for the patriots. What do you think? I don't know if the overwhelm them because I don't think there's much that they haven't seen as an offense. You know? I think if people are not well, the pressure's going to get to him. It doesn't get their other speed is going to get home. It doesn't get to him. So I think they'll deal with whatever the Rams still Adam. It's just I think they're gonna make some plays defensively that that most people don't make the patriots because of the pressure upfront and because their ability to covering the vacuum. Explain your special connection with Special Olympics..

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