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I don't know if you have too much else on the actual launch experience itself, but we're gonna start deploying their constellation of this point seems like or is there is going to be some delay before their next satellites go did you get any inkling on the schedule there? So the plan was for sixty to ninety days of testing after they launched that includes some orbit raising two hundred kilometers using an electric propulsion system, which means it's gonna take longer. Yeah. After that. Then they would spin up the factories get things underway and. The the launch dates that I remember hearing in Karoo there's a little bit of a range. I remember hearing anywhere from August to November depending on who I talked to for subsequent whether you talked to the engineers business people. It was just different one web executives really think I think September was like the middle ground. But like, maybe they are looking at like different like windows around that. That's the timeframe for when it would start. And then they would be launching every either every twenty one days or once a month. That's another thing. That's a little bit nebulous because I think the terms were to some extent use interchangeably twenty days almost a month. But it's still a very fast if they can do it. I mean, really him next two years saying we're gonna do it all in eight months or whatever and nowhere near happening. But with this. They they say that they can do it. And. Around bosses said that they're ready. They plan to do the vast majority out of by canoe or I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple out of the Sasha knee, and maybe one or two something out of Peru again or French Kiana, the the base the launch pad for Soyuz is actually in a place called cinema. This is a little the twenty five kilometer distance. It's far enough away that it gets to name the town has a different name. But that's the that's the big plan. And then they start building out service since it's a polar system, the coverage area would expand from each pole and slowly enveloping cover the entire earth. Which is the opposite of the way. Greg wireless past company. Did it, you know, three be started. And is around the equator and each satellite that they put up builds off of that Equatorial coverage though, I don't know quite why they chose to change that up. It could again. Be that they are pursuing more high Arpaio customers you've got a lot in Canada. QB able to reach Europe. And there's been there has been hot drama around Russia. Yeah. So that's a facial. Now that there's like a joint venture that owns part of one web. Let last I saw there was a joint venture. There's a joint venture that would be think commercializing one web services in Russia and that entity which is not one web itself. Has a lot of power there. Russia apparently wanted a significant stake. It's not something that I've written about directly. But from following other headlines and articles that I've seen that much. That's interesting is a weird setup. So they're basically, they're the commercially operating company that will take the one web capacity and basically sell it within Russia or operate within. Russia. That's kind of a curious. I get it. I understand what's going on there. But it's just like, do you think there's going to be people that have reservations about one web in general because of that setup? One web is trying their best to downplays many reservations as they can. And you can see that in the way that they have designed their system. So that it doesn't spook other countries. One thing that they've been criticized one was been criticized on is the absence of inter satellite links on their space craft because you can. If you do that, then you can route traffic from the whole system, you don't need as many gateways on the ground..

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