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Okay. Don't you bake fishing? These are very difficult to me. With my first instincts and just say, whatever was that. I was gonna say what was that? Well, it wasn't correct. Okay. I felt like it was a fair thing to do. Because everyone started making noise like I'm clearly making the wrong choice wincing and the answer is there is actually no difference between roasting baking, Katie, what type of knife, should you? Use today's carrot paring, knife, chef's knife or utility knife. A chef's knife, correct? Two out of five correct? Wow. Not your best day. No. It's not your best. Okay. In order to win everything you have to get five, correct? Last week. We said that he did that. First question. Chef Douglas Frenching is the process of what kissing. Yeah. That's what we're looking for. Is it adding cream wrapping a pastry or cleaning bones of fat in meat number three. Correct. And kissing. Chef how many teaspoons are in a Cup eight fourteen twelve or sixteen you spoons or tablespoons teaspoons in a Cup eight fourteen twelve or sixteen sixteen I thought it was sixteen tablespoons. But yeah, you're right. It's sixteen tablespoons the process of baking a pie crust before adding filling is called what par baking blind baking blind baking is correct. That's three three you have to left. What kind of food preparation comes from the French word fundra, which means to melt fondue?.

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