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What a game that. We all take way too seriously. Where a bunch of like little tiny guys drive around and really fast cars that are too expensive right and he convinced like some little rich kid crashing all hell. Yeah this guy rules and both of their lives. great after. They're both for that. Yeah he'd like made a snitch crash into a wall. Sure we'll be right back with more of this story. But i or from our sponsors autumn is in the air. The pumpkins are in the patch and our friends at manscaping are here to make sure you don't carve your pants pumpkins when you're grooming. You know what i'm saying. Make sure you're keeping things fresh this fall with the leaders in male grooming and their brand new fourth-generation performance package. Abloy's get ready for a season like no other radio. You take the leap into fall with manscaping. 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This fall choose manscaping in your balls. Well thank you. Thanks man scape big. Thank you again to our sponsor this week auto tempest auto tempests of the used car search engine that makes it super easy to check a bunch of different sites for used car listings. Pull up all the top listing sites in the us and some canada. You can find everything you want one place and you can tell it was built by automotive enthusiasts car nerds weirdos like me i'm always looking for a dodge neon rt. I'm not in the market to buy one is like looking at him. But the fact that the neon and the neon s rt are two separate search options. That's how you know that. The site was built by cards. All right different model different engine different car. You can also use off attempts to open matching results classified sites like facebook marketplace in craigslist as well. It's super easy. No more going from site to site find all the cars in one place auto tempus dot com all the cars one search head on over to auto tempus dot com slash passed gas. I'm gonna go there right now and trying to find a bmw m. to forty. Thank you oughta tempest michelle. Mouton was a boundary breaking rally driver in the early nineteen eighties. Who autosport magazine wants described as quote motor sports most successful ever female driver between the nine hundred eighty one thousand nine hundred eighty two seasons. She took four world rally championship race. Wins and a second place. Overall finish in eighty two show also executed one of the most audacious teats in racing history. I did not know this. I am shell. We've done an episode on her. And i never knew. She was by nine hundred. Eighty five muthana mostly step back from driving. Wrc events to raise smaller circuits and focus on having a family but she did race once that season. The rally bandama in the ivory coast of africa even for the grueling sort of rally which generally takes place over several days and hundreds of miles. This rally was seen as particularly arduous to the point. That had a tough time recruiting entries. Only one in ten entrance generally reached the finish line and a nine hundred. Seventy two forty five cars started the race but zero fit sheesh big sheesh aac. She's guy at the finish line was like pay way more for these tickets. He's got he's got like flat beer. Ready to drink. Got a flat. This is this is my weekend a win. Your love beckon. I'm sorry guys. Sounds like he's related to jim. Henson man it's not easy being green gonna wanna spend another week with me all right back to your mom's nana a single car of malaria shop for this story about all the shots kids to tell everyone that he doesn't know that you wanted to see some reality. Cars turns out. It was really tough course. Meanwhile in one thousand nine hundred five mouton reached end of the racist first day in first place but her engine was spewing smoke other teams expected her to retire but mouton surprised them by starting the next stage. She was soon forced to pull off the route in the african jungle. So that our engineer who was following a mechanically identical support car could make repairs. Convene at the time w rc. Cars didn't have cameras. No helicopters shadowing the competitors after an hour and a half mouton emerged from the jungle with her car miraculously cured and no sign of her support car. The official explanation given by audi was that a faulty oil pump. In rutan's quattro had been replaced forcing the support quattro to retire but audi quickly faced accusations that they hadn't swapped oil pumps but rather swapped out the entire cars by transplanting. The rally cars panels onto the healthy support car. I mean is that easier now. i don't think so. It's just the a bodies like an oil is relatively low in fact job for evidence. Onlookers noted that a hood mounted fog lights system had disappeared from the base of moutons windshield. Audi denied the claims saying that the windshield had also been swamp because the anti fog system failed but amid mounting suspicion. The team withdrew mouton just before the finish. Line this cheating story. Technically remains unsolved. Baton has never admitted wrongdoing and the race stewards. Couldn't find proof of anything elicit but let's be real. She probably swapped audis in the middle of the jungle.

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