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Who's ever worked on helping their child find a college. You will see that. There are many different places to go to look for information about jewish life on college campus. But there's no one central resource so there's one website you can go to find out about antisemitic. Hate incidents that have been reported. There is a different website you can go to to learn about schools that have hill. Elle's there's a different website that you can go to to learn about. Schools are do not have wells. You can look on the school's website itself we're trying to do by the college. Comparison is take information from all those sources and put it into one complete guide. So if you wanna get you wanna compare one university versus another. You'll be able to sit in one organization one website and compare the two organizations. What kind of jewish life. They have whether they offer services. What kind of services whether they have kosher food. What kind of jewish organizations are on campus. Everything down to whether they have in a jewish acapella group jude another part of the population. You wanna reach has to be the parents of these high school and college kids. Think that's according to the students had game but the parents need have gained two. They can't be in conversation with the students and their kids and other kids. Frankly if they have no sense of of understanding of what the nuance. Perspectives are whether it's about israel or whether it's about anti zionism in semitism parents need to still understand what all the alphabet soup is as well so they can be informed and help guide their their sons and daughters and this is a village to raise a community..

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