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I'm Chris cradle. These are the top stories on the WBZ 'em afternoon. News update now says he's in a hurry for North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons in update from CBS. Federal judges ruling means the planned Obama presidential library will be in court before it goes to Jackson park, WBZ sport. This is Jeff Johnny act. The White Sox. One nappy shining veteran free agent. Manny Machado, the third basement agrees to a ten year three hundred million dollar deal with the San Diego Padre. Dow closed of eight points. It's three thirty one CBS news update. President Trump optimistic ahead of next week's second summit with North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN in Vietnam. Some of that he hopes will lead to a denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. No testing. I'm a no Russia this testing that's another deal. But there has been no testing the president says it's in Pyongyang's best interest to end. Isolation. I really believe that North Korea can be a tremendous economic power when this solve their location between Russia, China and South Korea's unbelievably US special Representative for North Korea's traveling today to Hanoi. He's on his way today to return to have preparations for next week's summit State Department spokesman Robert palladino summits going to take place next week. Steve begin his on his way back right now to tie up remainder and were were we're or optimistic and looking forward to next week CBS news update, I'm Jim shanavie. WBZ news time three thirty two. Chicago police say they're investigating new information that paints a different picture of the night that the empire actor jussie smollet claims that he was attacked in St. Ville, the department could firms that they're interviewing someone who claims to have seen small let on the night of the reported attack at person has told police they saw the actor in an apartment building elevator. Her with two brothers who were later questioned by Chicago police, but never charged police then claimed their investigation shifted small nets attorneys have called reports that the two men were paid by the actor to stage the attack false anti day, NewsRadio on what five point nine FM. A group opposed to the construction of the Obama presidential center in Jackson park wins around in court to federal Judson. Protect our parks can proceed with its lawsuit. The group says laws bar new developments in a twenty six mile chain of lakeside parks. Let's shoot each council asked the judge last week to dismiss the suit. We're expecting leaders in Aurora to update reporters next hour on their investigation into last Friday's deadly shooting spree at the Henry Pratt company. In the meantime, the local sheriff says he is stepping up efforts to track down people whose firearm ID cards have been revoked King County sheriff Ron Haines says he plans to have a database in place by the beginning of next month listing people in unincorporated areas of the county who have had their Foyt cards revoked and have been asked by state police to turn over their weapons. If we have not heard anything within fifteen to thirty days after the the receipt of the letter from the state police, they will get a letter from us in the mail stating that we are aware of the revocation and providing them with. Information on how to comply. Investigators say Gary Martin the man identified as the gunman who killed five people at the Henry Pratt plant before he was killed in a shootout with police at his card revoked in two thousand fourteen after police learned he was convicted of a felony in Mississippi in one thousand nine hundred five Jim NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM resources. In Chicago, say they're on the path towards developing a system for growing human kidneys WBZ m sprint as the impact of such a breakthrough would be huge curly in Illinois a few thousand people a year are on a waiting list for a kidney transplant while only several hundred transplant operations take place. But northwestern medicine is working with the university of Chicago's institute for molecular engineering to find a way to grow kidneys in labs. They're experimenting with red kidneys. Now. But researchers say lab generated kidneys are still a long way off burning to foia NewsRadio on one five point nine FM, Illinois. Attorney general as part of a new legal fight against President Trump's emergency declaration. It's aimed at building a wall along the country's southern border. The president says it's playing out as he predicted Friday while declaring the emergency. And we will then be sued, and they will sue us in the ninth circuit California's among sixteen states suing over the declaration saying it's unconstitutional. He's noting California move last week to cancel a high speed rail line between L A M San Francisco calling it a failed project that became a hundreds of times more expensive than the desperately needed wall. Saga megani at the White House newspaper in the south is making its own news time for the Ku Klux Klan tonight ride again, so beginning to'real in an Alabama newspaper publisher the tiny democrat reporter in Linden Alabama. Good low Sutton calling for mass lynchings, he suggests the KKK should return to clean out Washington. DC? Now, he says he stands by what he wrote reported by the Washington Post. He suggests the white supremacist hate group is comparable to the end of lease EP. Alabama lawmakers call it disgusting. There are multiple calls for Sutton to resign. Jim taylor. CBS news..

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