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Well, and that's something I think is really interesting that loss and might not know is like Nick Knight is known for like putting black models on like he loves shooting. Black women. Probably one of the only people who like convincingly works with ways like he loves riana. He loves Naomi Campbell like his photos of I'm sure. The vote. This is a debris issue that British for on. Yeah. No. He's. He's. Yeah. Yeah. So that's the nail macguffin. So anyways. So let's discuss a little bit about America's next top model. I feel like that's like a good entry point into Tyra banks because she's had her talk show. She's had her other little projects. But I think like where we all know her is top models. That's where you guys know her. I'm older, and I became aware of Tyra banks, maybe in nineteen Ninety-six on my child, and she was very popular. She she gets her on the fresh prince of Bel-Air. She did a couple of movies of lahood. We'll higher learning was really she got killed in the movie. Did you ever see everything's? She's got he'll a movie higher learning this movie by oh my God. Who was a guy who direct voice in hood? John singleton. It's movie called hiring. They were dating at the time. Also, it was about like racial tensions, and like a college like in LA. I think or Cal anyway. Yeah. And she got killed by like a white supremacist. Played by Michael Rapaport. Oh god. Which feels like a character actor that would play a which is Mike. Like, white supremacism considered. He's always in black people putting business like he loves go. I got watch. What happens live at talking about Nie-nieto when like Kenya him into the ground. Oh my God. That clip lease because that was the funniest shit. Well, our village, Michael. I don't need you to tell me what I am. Am not. Appreciate you being a fan though. Thank you watching keep the cable on. A new job would help with that. Oh, can you? Can you? Can you? A middle aged fat white guy. Work. She wrapped him up completely. And you can use not really the quickest with the reeds I've seen in the latest like later season. She's been just I think it's because she's just been like more settled into herself. And she really knows who she is. Now, she's not really trying to make people like her, and she's really knows. And no one's going to accept her. She's going to have to be shady villain that it's just her. So she's just like not really scared. I mean, she has it's fucked up things like really problematic, but you know, anyway back to. Action Kenyan timer. We're good friends. Really? Can you more and more aware at the time was around? Yeah. And everyone always tell the story about you know, I can retire banks because I'm at the end of the day. I'm a fan of Tyra banks. I'm a fan of any black women who gets up and decides to to into the fashion industry. Yeah. No. It's just you know, that's just respect within itself. And the fact that out of all the girls aside from like, NIO, me and Kate. She wasn't even really I wouldn't say she wasn't a popular model. She was a popular model, but she came more popular for like, no the sl. You know, she's the first black woman covers worth illustrated by herself. Well, she and Naomi never saw like they were never the same kind of model. And if we're being technical, but they were trying we're trying to make her. Yeah. Same kind of problem, which is model, which is the root of the problem was they were literally trying to sell her as the new Naomi Campbell, which doesn't make any sense. They're like endless. If again or. Not be happy. It's more..

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