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Today i like to welcome jordan goodman to the show hey joined how's it going regularly with your direct at hey i'm i'm excited for episode we we've kind of had a little bit before the episode if you guys don't know who jordanisrael he's nationally known as america's money answer man and has been a regular guest on fox news fox business network a cnn cnbc you name it he spent eighteen years on the editorial staff of money magazine which i think is fascinating so let's give the listeners aback groundless give them give them somewhere to start hub at your entrepreneurial journey ira while start at age twelve epa in the summer tigeroperated rhode island by followed professor brown and in the summer is we are placing high house right on the water and so i used to deliver the kid god times from eighty nine to twelve and hang around the news residences is journals and stuff this interesting so actually start ready column for the kick at times aged twelve which was called youth baseball which is about all the baseball leagues throughout kcup devils the yard with challenging the found with all these different leads so i did that for five years and i had all his presence role is dose calling intimated nawroz twelve snow but it was a i was covered in a entrepreneur journalists the beginning and then i saw it i was in the newspaper that they would do print overbrook triple papers nationally newton all these papers were wide and i asked the pressman i said what do you do this storm about as it would be modified to exit five basic either for us so i would that take the papers in my bicycle down to the ferries which would go over to martha's vineyard another target and solemn on the bus or fifty cents space so my cost goods rose zero and and not ronald papers go back and get more discreet backandforth backandforth by the other my hands were lack with eight i might have made like.

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