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Exactly exactly you just didn't have enough humidity I going to a movie on a first a first date like body heat not knowing what it was about I I will the V. a movie about an east and I can't remember the name of it but it's very sexual and I'm on a first date and it was the most awkward situation that I could possibly imagine it was just like well OK then yeah all right yeah that would be body heat on a first date yeah thanks thanks Christy if you ever had an awkward first date movie Mike like Texas chainsaw massacre something like just you know I've had some work where I took my kids to a movie when they saw well over ten and in the movie was that language and other things were yeah apple for all of us well we are going to finish this up because I wasn't I don't know if rob's gonna join us or not we'll see bucked up there yes there he is rob is joined us from Connecticut where he's on vacation but yet he still makes time for this because he's one more time for you we are dedicated to the show that I am anyway so just rip my trivia question but that's okay because now it's time for the most exciting segment on the radio that's kind what is our world today please did your your muted you went back to what do you what are you doing here going to the normal stuff he forgot we were already on all right there we go what's the word of the word of the day is an adjective Bolger what E. F. F. U. L. G. or T. gold old tools or leaves on trees the food is something that makes something flow faster deciduous nope.

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