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I do not think there's going to be a swab, and they don't know that there's the island of extinction in my in my mind, they want to show viewers. What's happening at the end of extinction. That's gonna take airtime that you wouldn't necessarily give to that would otherwise be taken with a swap. And establishing these New Tribes, and he's relationships, my guess is it will not be as well on the next episode or even at at fifteen which would be the other time that there could be swap. I do think that they will. There will be a swab at fifteen. Yeah. I was gonna take about fifteen is possible. There will be a swab fifteen. As you point that we talked about this on the this weekend survivor podcast. We that you went back, and you looked at that clue that Ron Clarke had correct? And you said that the council of was the was the certificate. So it's not like she gets it. And then he will have a choice. And if he doesn't use it this week. It's moot. Right. Yeah. Coming last time. Yeah. Right. So I mean, there actually have been no rewards to steal. So except I guess the I'm sorry. They've won rewards with challenges. So so, yeah, I think swap fifteen is actually very possible. So I will take that back, but but not next. But anyway, it's reasonable for them to swap is up coming to think about how they're coming. Swing episode number three not not this upcoming week. That's I think it's reasonable for them to think that there will be a swap possibly even in the next episode. I think that there will be probably swap episode four or later on. Yeah. It's it's. Always always there is their line of thinking. Yeah. Yeah. I think there's a lot of liberty to it. I mean, if you really guy like or dog and big like, Chris you want someone like like the one where then the game. I'm trying to think like if you end up with it would be a very specific scenario where that like you'd have to be swapped somewhere in the mine in the minority and like basically like try to five it's like war dog end. Kelly Wentworth gets swapped to a tribe of three of the of the comma people. Well, the other thing, and you hope her before that you're you. Yeah. I mean, having Keith around doesn't doesn't help them? Really, really? I mean, it helps Chris again like it helps Chris, but because we eat someone who's going to super Chris, but abstractly having Kelly as a way to take attention off of them and even just like generally focusing attention on the vets, right? The longer Kelly's in the game. The more Joe is the threat the moral reason. That I think I think is positive for for all of those people. Yeah. If I was one of the new players, though, I'm not sure that if I'm David I think I would try to keep Kelly around as long as long as I could because that's a shield for me. But as far as it is not a new player. But if I was a new player, I think I would wanna get that avalanche going. Let's get out the returnees because I feel that buys me some time. Right, right. That's interesting. That's that's sort of. So the cat the counterargument is you take out Kelly. And then it becomes like an all stars when they're voting out the winners, and that becomes like a kind of defining ethos of the season. Like, we're getting out these people now, that's that's that's an interesting wrinkle. The thing is that, you know, for war dog, and Chris I think that they're also looking at it from the challenge strength where it's like, hey, we gotta stop the bleeding, and we can't go we're going to get Pagon tier?.

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