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Happens when that occurs. Nothing's gonna get done. You're always going to blame the brown skin people before being you know the bad guys. When in fact they're the victim of the bad guys. Personally say no no. I also want to point out that not every single encounter with our ancestors was necessarily bad when it came to people visiting this continent now as well okay. You know there's plenty of examples of that The the problem was once. The influx of people started coming. They started making rules. That did not include us and affected us and now they're turning around decades later having this debate as in like i said which falls into two sides either pro immigration or against. I'm not even gonna talk about an open border scenario. They've turned it into one side or the other again. The team mentality left versus right. Okay and you know to your point. Who's going to solve it. And what is the right answer today in modern times right. I'm not living in the past. You know i get it. But i just get tired of hearing people talk out of their ass quite frankly Without any kind of historical context behind it. I mean you just provided some i. I guess i did but you know but the people that are in roles of decision making and policy are not and it must happen there. It has to happen there otherwise people. Here's the thing. Most of the people now. Screaming and yelling about immigration are barely old enough to even know who ronald reagan worse. Yes exactly the relying on youtube relying on social media to tell them history They're barely every case. I'm being unfair there but anyway but yeah so you know. And the powers that be know that time comes the erosion of memory and with the erosion of memory. You know they can use that as as a convenient way to continue to blame the brown people. Oh the you know. The people screaming the loudest about immigration. Now they they don't remember they don't even know what caused it and we're not gonna tell them that's exactly what it is or the that is really is all right last little point. I wanted to bring up on this subject. None of immigration but well. It isn't a roundabout way but not not to the level. It is just to point out an example stupidity. Okay this is a whole that professors to be the governor of texas greg abbott staking a fleet of police vehicles brother and lining them up along the border rosa. Flores will take a look at the unprecedented methods. Republican texas governor grab is using to deter migrants from crossing into the state has thousands of migrants weighed in a makeshift camp under the del rio international bridge to get processed by immigration authorities. A miles long. Steel barrier of texas state trooper vehicles has gone up to deter the up to thirty thousand haitians. Cnn has been told could be heading towards the border if you are targeting texas to come to. We're going to show up in force and shut down the border. You see those images now. Somebody mentioned that night said i. I'm not even going to look at it. It's a waste of resources. It's a waste of tax dollars to. He literally said said. It was symbolic too to dissuade people from coming to the united states. She's through the texas border. It's symbolic of his stupidity. These are the people in very very powerful positions. Guys doing many ass like that. Yes in many. Instances voting matters. But that's a discussion for another day. So anyway just thought i'd bring up briefly but that's all i have brother so i have. Yeah my bags empty too but we appreciate you guys as always coming and checking us out here and listening to guys babylon about stuff stuff fairs like we say but you know with maybe a twist if you will but But again thank you ever so much for absol- for joining us and You know keeping in mind again of our friend buddy. Big mountain please If if if you have any any spare money for coffee or something if you could possibly consider Donation his way to help them with those medical bills. We we appreciate it. Thank you and you can always reach us here. In the show any number of ways one of which which is pretty common is to email us hosts with an s. hosts that native opinion dot com. My name is michael kicking bear. I'm from the mashantucket. Tribal nation located here in the state of connecticut. Guy over there. He is david gray. Al citizen of the cherokee tribe alabama stated here in sunny south west florida clouds. And thank you for being with us. Be safe out there. Please please please good weekend. Two guys take care..

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