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One hundred and fifty pilot whales spotted my fishermen is thought at least half of them have died whole griffith reports the whales were spotted by fishermen early in the morning it's thought more than one hundred of beached with dozens more in shallow water near by a team of conservation officers have been sent to the bay but people have been warned to be careful if they enter the sea because the likelihood of sharks being drawn to the area hamlin bay was the site of a mass whale beaching back in two thousand nine when more than eighty whales and dolphins died the marriage who founded the battle us chain of children shops toys r us has died just a week of the company said is operatives in the united states would end jealous lazarus was ninety four in the open the first toys r us store more than sixty years ago his successor praise mr lazarus as the father of the toy business the chain has been a victim of the online retail boom bbc news thanks very much for that news hello and welcome to newsday on the bbc janine keenum almost rule we'll be talking about the potential of a trade war in the moment and is that evidence that russia is funding the taliban in afghanistan the trump administration says also we're going to be hearing from the grefell and the mission to highlight a global issue the more than one billion still have a safe and hygiene place to defecate don't forget if going to share your views on anything you on the program one send us a text message the number is plus four four seven seven eight six twenty fifty eighty five running to the us president donald trump china's economic aggression has been marked by decades of the fact of us intellectual property so yesterday he announced it was payback time his decision to impose tariffs against up to sixty billion us dollars worth of chinese exports for their fears this move could spark a major trade war week health him buying is chief executive of the.

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