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Ghetto system good yeah G. O. E. T. T. L. but it's hard stop my mother from KFI we're starting to get a slight break from the heat this weekend expect mostly sunny skies highs in the low eighties for metro LA and inland Orange County upper eighties to around ninety degrees for the valleys and the Inland Empire low seventies for the beaches upper seventies for the mountains of the slight chance for some rain and low nineties for the high desert right now sixty seven degrees in seal beach sixty eight Anaheim seventy into local lake and sixty five in Malibu we lead local live from the KFI twenty four hour news room I'm Lisa Muhammad morning here it is a on a Saturday morning may ninth our phone number eight hundred five two zero one five three four this is I can't find a M. six forty live everywhere on the I heart radio app and done a couple things I want to share before we jump into the show first of all a week from Saturday from eight to noon is virtual Y. daisy it's our traditional law day we do every year we get to meet lawyers I get advice one on one in virtually every have virtually in almost every area of the law hi it is really going to be virtually every area of the law because it says the entire law day is going to be virtual and so you'll still get to talk to lawyers one on one we still have lectures etcetera going on but it's all going to be online and you can go to handle on the law dot com for more information you want to calendar a week from Saturday eight to noon go to handle on the law dot com also if you've been injured I got a handle on the lot dot com we have phenomenal personal injury attorneys on there are phenomenal I don't know.

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