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So anyway, it is what it is. It all worked out. Yet and Mike My I had a power outage here and I haven't reset the clock, so it is six twelve an on foreign o'clock non we're. We're here at three in the afternoon on Wednesday so. but Hey Rob I'm excited. No, I'm really really excited. You know why. What. At some point. Potentially. We're going to get rich. Are we potentially. We're GONNA get rush. Well really yeah you because serious yard or yeah, someday you and I are going to get rich and of course I. Don't Know How much stock you've gotten all the twenty-five podcast in companies. You've worked with, but it some point. Someone's going to come to buy us because. Serious just dumped A. Big Big dump truck load of cash. Three hundred million dollars acquisition of. Stitcher. which includes mid roll? which includes? Ear Will. kind of risky by if he asked me. I would say so considering that the nice little return on investment in a general sense louder to what they actually bought visas for so and rob mccracken in his scripts teen congratulations. Someone was telling me. Rob is not at scripts. No more by went is linked in any still it. Where's he at? This is not.

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