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States that genes stores that men stores, women's stores combined stores. Very big business. The first time I went to China is the president of PVH we acquired Calvin Klein. Went to China met with the head of the Chinese office that time. I have to say she was remarkably adept at her job. And she laid out a day for me in China. And I was wondering, how is she going to lay out my day? What does she want me to do? The first day in Beijing? She wanted me to meet with the landlord owners. The landlords of the malls. I kind of scratched my head us of all the things That I have to do here. That's how she wants me to spend my time. I walk into the mall, and she explains to me on the way there. The most powerful force in China for American brands or luxury brands from anywhere in the world are the mall owners. They make the decision whether you live or die in that mall. I said, What do you mean? I have common Klein here. I want to go in the store in the mall. I wanna take a store. She's marked this thousands of stores lined up to come there, and this small owner makes the decision. I was shocked. That's the only way she's well and certain smaller cities knowing the mayor might help When you come down to it those streets that have selling product like Fifth Avenue or Madison Avenue in order to have a street store. You need to know the mayor because he makes the decision in terms of who will or will not be there. During the course of my conversation she started to say before we get there. Let me explain to you what you're gonna see when you walk in its old plant. The mall owner determines how his mall is going to be run and I'll tell you how it's right on the first floor is luxury. The best brands in the world want to be in that mall if it's the right mall, as most of China is in the big cities. V Tone Gucci Prada Every one of them. If you're Tom Ford, they're all on the first floor because when you walk in You're going to make it as easy as you can for the luxury customer. If you have a great brand But you're not luxury..

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