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Crypto report I'm so pleased to welcome in while our of course crypto contributor shin Ali basic along with Nadia telecom She is of course one of the cofounders of the feminist protest art collective pussy riot and an outspoken social activist Nadia so great to have you here with us today First talk about sort of this new initiative that you have underway and sort of the more equalizing within the LGBTQ community that you're looking for within the crypto world It's called and they bring together one of the biggest minds influenzas artists collectors in the digital arts space to close the gender gap Our thinking is that crypto and digital space promise to build a new world and a lot of people in this space belief that the world has to be more open excessive accessible for everyone Equitable and we believe that if we bring together in the room one of the most influential people in space people like people see a portrait club grinds pussy red and a lot of other prominent artists in space Then we are going to be able to establish deeper than everyone else who's going to come to web three later could be following this model of the world that are going to be able to build where there are ecommerce Really curious about diving into that a little more your website also for unicorn Dow points out some of the issue here Nadia that there is not a lot of diversity in the space yet So when you're getting together with all the members of this Dow how do you defeat this problem and are there challenges to doing so We get to go down weekly calls sometimes we do parties When it comes to membership we try to make sure that we have this amount of members and we have systems in place that help to maintain that Like for example we have sponsorship program that is sponsored by monthly so there are a number of female artists who are not able to contribute 50 for a sheet So instead moon based space for them when it comes to in real life events we obviously prefer to party girls and LGBTQ+ people so we also always maintain people who we watch people who we invite So it's never a group to broke party I think this is one of the biggest problems in web three encrypted culture that is created by crypto Bros which is so repulsive for a lot of people from the outside and that it doesn't allow and if she's a really skilled and bridge master option and what a story I mean this was launched in the ten year anniversary since your arrest in Moscow for an anti Putin protest And I'm wondering if you'll talk a little more about the power you found in crypto to bring people together especially because you were such a big part of what had raised money for Ukraine through the doubt world All those being connected with the world of technology was avoided to be good effective activists have to be also smart about what's going on in the tech world So I would love to I love to use whatever this world gives us in order to achieve better results in maximus So with the same mindset I came into crypto I started to actually work in the beginning of last year And the core it didn't change really over the last 15 years It started to be feminist and everything just anticipated and activist 15 years ago So doing the same thing trying to achieve the same goals but with new tools and for example when they were in screen started in the end of February we put together Ukraine down and I wanted cofounders of the rainbow and we were able to raise $7 million just a few days and disperse those money in the next 24 hours and last for transparency speed and efficiency that's not really seen before The sort of argument against that though has been sort of the high flying NFTs high flying crypto it's come down a lot in terms of price Are you worried about entering and continuing in this market when prices weren't what they were a few months ago Not worried because I'm here for different reasons I'm looking at crypto as a tool for activism and nothing really changed in that since I also think that there are a lot of use cases all considering applications for building better governance models and the founder of Ethereum that I put down to talk a lot about that So obviously looking forward for decoupling lust for money and crypto and looking at crypto and I think this current market allows us to actually take a look at crypton better and more interesting deeper than just means to get rich You know speaking of deeper reasons for cryptocurrency one of the things that your Dallas talked about is reproductive rights And what you've called the summer of rage in the release out here So how do you see that playing out for members of the community to really talk about reproductive rights in the United States We are working currently on the auction with Christie's and the auction is going to be revolving around the topic of reproductive justice and big portion of what we're going to be able to raise We're going to be donating to various reproductive justice organizations in the U.S. and also we are in computations with various Organizations like when parenthood and women's march to see how we can actually help them to onboard their members to work through YouTube Hopefully provide them better governance tools and also fundraising tools for their goals Really appreciate it Nadia to look over of course in our very own Bloomberg Chanel basic.

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