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Or Twitter what's going on love you all is fraud people all my gosh some of you might be wait for it wait for because I see you out there stuck in traffic okay good luck when did that happen I had a good run surveillance late this afternoon and all of a sudden my hold on a second this is going on for awhile now did everybody go back outside ed and and forget to tell everybody else there's traffic out there again so anyway if you're stuck in traffic what's going on we missed your glad you're you're with us and glad that Scott Harris general manager of the giants is with us tonight that's coming up in fifteen minutes Dave Fleming who needs no introduction David Lombardi of the athletic on the forty Niners all the show as well and you ate away can be our call or text you know the deal if you tax you get a text back that's me that's me saying Hey we can do that throughout the show and so I look forward to connecting with you let's also get started with our song of the day guys let's set it well we got a little different for the show tonight it's almost hard getting back to the days of ready Pruitt corona virus.

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