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Shelley niece is the vice president of the Jerusalem connection international and nonprofit organization based out of Washington DC, Shelley lived and studied in Israel from two thousand two thousand and four where she learned conversational Hebrew and received her EMMY and Middle Eastern studies from Ben Gurion university of the Negev the high point of your studies and first crack at investigative journalism was her master's thesis, examining the secret multilateral negotiations. Ending the two thousand and two siege of the church of the Nativity in Bethlehem as a freelance columnist for several publications or articles of appeared in the Jerusalem Post a route Sheba front page magazine and more Shelley has been present for the most central events in the copper scroll project over the last decade, including the initial excavation at coumarin in two thousand and nine and experienced public speaker, Shelly is on the Jewish national fund's speakers bureau, she is a dressed various Jewish student groups and partic-. On debate panels, and she is the author of the copper, scroll project an ancient secret fuels the battle for the Temple Mount Shelly. Welcome to coast to coast AM. How are you? Great, richard. Thanks for having me. My pleasure. Let's set the scene here. Take us back to the early nineteen fifties, the coumarin caves, and the discovery of this amazing collection of scrolls. The Dead Sea scrolls, the copper schools, of course, part of that. But but just sort of paint that picture for us if you will. Right. Well, so that the copper scroll is one of the Dead Sea scrolls. It's part of the Dead Sea scrolls collection by you can't understand the copper scroll without having a pretty good foundation on the miracle. That is the Dead Sea scrolls.

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