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Let me start with this we both christine and i were to local tv and when you're a sports person in local tv the news reporters on the news desk often toss to you and they do that small talk and they don't really know sports and you're kind of uncomfortable they say things and you have to kinda correct him on the air it was always the worst part of local news is that a majority of news people don't really know sports lexicon rules legislation they don't know the sports culture and so they toss dea and give you the happy talk in euros like a brother shift the worst so um yesterday john mcenroe got a lot of heat for being honest never being mean spirited for being off than eric never being tallus for telling the truth n being wholly accurate he would know he's in my opinion as good a tennis player along with roger federer i've ever seen in my life so he is on npr and he is being interviewed on npr about serena williams and here's the interview from the reporter who i can't believe no sports let's talk about serena williams you say she is the best female player in the world in the book crisp female player ever no question at some wouldn't qualify it uh somewhat issues the best player in the world what qualify it oh are she's not immune the best player in the world period best tennis player in the world you know why save female player while because if she was a if she played the men surged be like 700 in the world.

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