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I just mentioned was back in the old days. You could keep left over so first seven days. That has been reduced because of lack of colder temperatures. Today's refrigerator that has been reduced to four days. So when he gets the three days think about it. Leftover material that's in your refrigerator on the fourth day should be thrown away. And that's the importance off cold temperatures in refrigerators and why so many people suffer food poisoning, and that's very sickening feeling. When you have food poisoning, you feel like you're gonna die. So anyways, Think about it. Check your door seals as I mentioned a little bit ago with a flashlight inside the product that night. Look for light. And correct the problem or send an email to the appliance doctor. Thanks for listening. That's top of mind subject for this Sunday morning. Did I hear E Mail? Let's review the email address. If you would like to write Joe Gannon at his own personal email address. You can do it. Here is the address. You want to send it to First foremothers of appliance, followed by the first four letters of Dr at gmail dot com. So that's a P P L. The O. C T at gmail dot cap. All right, let's go to Manchester for our next caller. Joe. We got a nice maker. That's got a problem. This is Gerard. Good morning, Gerard. Thanks for calling. How may we help you? Thank you, Joe. For take my car. I talk to you about a month and a half ago about an ice maker or ah, ice maker. I was dripping water and then the ice the door. The water was coming out after shut the water off to get a glass of water. He told me to valve, which was the problem, and then we still had drifting in the ice maker part in the fridge Aerator. So what I did was I put the level make sure his level and everything was fine but come to find out. Joe is the ice maker since we we have a farm here, and we have softened water. The tough line on the unit was starting to break away and what happened. It was the salt. It's in the water little bit rusted that little underneath the tough line and it started leaking. So I got a new ice maker and everything's perfect now. Really? That resulted from the water on the farm, right? Yeah, well, we have. Ah, well, you know, I'm saying and and then we have a softener. So I guess maybe the salt in the air in the water. Little bit. The woman the soften the water made something to do with the tough line. That's in that big onto that aluminum in the ice maker part and that's what was leaking inside there, Joe So ever since I bought a new one, I put it in myself. No, nobody. Nobody coming out here to do it. I did it myself. And it works fine. His wife well, it's a new thing for me to find out. I thank you for that information off, but in the back of my little brain here, not much room left, but I'll put it there for future reference. That's very nice of you to call drug. Yeah, Like I said, it was just the tough land was flaking off and it was running out and rusted out and started licking the same spot that I had to probably for, but the valve did stop the water coming from the water. You put a glass of water s o that will that help down and I have a 1949 Crossley shelf adore that works. Perfect. Have you really? Yes, It's meant I I restored it. I repainted it and it works fine. It's great, really, Just like Restraint all your help to help all this consumers out here and and myself and happy Wife. Happy life, You know that one That's very right and very correct. And the U. Okay. You have a good day. Joan. Thank you here this morning. Okay. Thanks, Gerard. Our phone number is 808 590. W. J r. That's 808 590957. We've got another half hour ahead. We're going to talk to Ron and Flynn John himself Lion Geary in Ann Arbor, Roberta and Dear board. A half hour ahead on the home an appliance show..

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